What’s A Personal Trainer?

by glenn on June 8, 2017

What is a Personal Trainer Anyway?


what is a personal trainerA personal trainer is an individual that is certified in certain aspects of exercise, including instruction. These individuals typically have areas of expertise in workouts and training for certain events.

The Basics

In order to become a personal trainer, you have to be 18 and have a high school diploma, a GED or other equivalent and have a CPR/AED certification. You also have to have a current government ID.

A NYC personal trainer can have an associate’s degree in physical education, kinesiology or other related areas. These individuals are getting more attention in the field now because they took that extra step to be educated on areas that will be important to their clients.

For NYC personal trainers that value their clients and their area of expertise, they continue to pursue education and find a way to learn more about exercise trends and the newest programs to lose weight and/or become more physically fit.

Going Deeper

Personal trainers need to know more than just the basics of a workout. They need to know how to interact with their clients so they feel they have the trainer’s attention and yet still guide that person in their workout efforts. Trainers also need to know speaking and listening techniques so they can communicate well with each client on a level that client can appreciate.

The key to successful NYC personal training is knowing how to complete a successful workout that provides notable results in a timely manner and also be able to convey this knowledge to others so they can benefit from your techniques and approach to the workout.

If you still have questions about what a personal trainer is or does, then take a look at the NYC trainer directory and call a trainer or two. They will be happy to answer any questions and help you determine if you would benefit from hiring an experienced personal trainer to help with your workouts.


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