Weightlifting and Bulking Up

by glenn on December 9, 2017

Weightlifting Doesn’t Automatically Mean Bulking

At a coffee-shop in midtown, a conversation was overheard where two women discussed how they planned to drop a few sizes in time for an important event at the office.  Just then, in walked another young woman who appeared to have just left the gym. She appeared toned, fit, in shape and managed to catch the attention of the two women.

‘She must spend hours on the treadmill, look at her calves said one of them. Her friend replied ‘or she’s a fitness instructor. Look at her. She looks like a pro. Probably teaches spin’. What they didn’t know (and I did) was that this fit woman was not an instructor, but instead a regular member at a local gym where she exclusively did weight-lifting and resistance exercises. That possibility never crossed the minds of the two women. Why?

Lifting Doesn’t Mean Bulking – End of Story

Due to misinformation shared on social media and through word-of-mouth, the myth persists that a few sessions of lifting will automatically result in getting bigger arms and thighs, the exact opposite of what most women want when they want to go down a size or two. What they also lack is someone who has the proper credentials and knowledge to allay their concerns and to put this myth to rest once and for all.

So back to the fit young woman who entered the coffee-shop. She obtained her lean physique mostly by lifting weights. With the help of a Staten Island personal trainer, she took the leap away from the treadmill and on to the weight room. During her personal training sessions, she learned about the difference between muscle mass and fat mass. Basically, 5lbs worth of muscle takes up less space in the body when compared to 5 lbs. of fat mass.

With the help of Brooklyn personal trainers like the one that helped her, one can obtain credible facts about what works and what doesn’t. Relying strictly on cardio for weight loss will take longer than if one were to begin doing resistance exercises. To see better results that will last beyond one’s own target date, it’s highly recommended to obtain the services of a personal trainer to get on to a routine and stick to what works.



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