Understand What Personal Training Clients Need Before Giving Prices

by glenn on October 7, 2014

100114 introductory sessionWhen you first get the call into your Staten Island Personal Trainers business from a new client wanting to know about cost and times – it’s easy to get carried away. There is the excitement of helping someone improve the quality of their life, and the added bonus of knowing that cash flow is starting to look healthy. Unfortunately, it is trainers who don’t understand what clients need before giving prices that wind up losing their shirts. You have to be careful to make sure you understand what is involved with each client as much as the client has to understand what is involved with working with each type of trainer.

Be careful about offering specials

Marketing and reality have a hard time meeting and personal trainers in Staten Island are always being encouraged to offer specials. You have to be very careful about defining what those specials are for, or you may wind up with a client that needs requires a lot of your time and effort – while you get a bottom barrel price. Specials should be reserved for group classes and very defined limits. If you want to offer a special for one-on-one work, your better bet is to offer a piece of free equipment or branded promotional item instead.

Make sure you understand the work involved

To make sure you understand what clients need before giving prices you have to make sure that you:

  • Know what the client is looking for and their goals.
  • Evaluate your ability to work with that client.

A lot of Staten Island personal trainers wind up frustrating themselves and their clients because they don’t have a clear idea of what the client is looking for. You may be all about cross fit, but your client may want to cross walk. You also need to be realistic about whether or not you think you can motivate that client to reach above and beyond to build the kind of committed relationship you need to make it work.

What to do if you have priced the client wrong

You will find many a Staten Island personal trainer who realize later that they didn’t understand what clients need before giving prices, and now have to find out how to readjust things. The best way to handle this is to be proactive and set revolving time frames of 3 and 6 month reviews where you can adjust the price and the goals for that client.


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