Trust in Your NY Personal Trainer to Know Why to Move You

by glenn on October 27, 2013

Trust in Your NY Personal Trainer to Know Why to Move You

Few things can make more of a difference in your health than to get moving. NY personal trainers are well versed on the subject and ready to provide an educated answer why. For most busy New Yorkers, their activity comes in the form of exercise, whilst they sit most of the day at a desk or some other minimal movement activity. There are a myriad of factors that affect a person’s health,being a different combination for each one, but when you aren’t going you aren’t improving.

Starting with the basics, exercise burns calories. It’s the mantra calories in, calories out. Exercise helps in weight management. The body machine burns a minimum amount of calories, or fuel per day just for normal body functions. That is your basal metabolic rate, or BMR. If you lay in bed the entire day your bodily functions still need to keep working, like a car idling will still burn some gasoline. But, by hitting the gas, the car burns up fuel faster. This is similar to your body. Exercise uses additional calories. In addition to the benefit of building muscle mass and cardiovascular endurance, burning more calories than you take in, helps you to better manage your weight.

As above, staying active helps you be heart healthy. Your heart is a muscle. NYC personal trainers may not be able to directly target the heart with a machine or movement, but they are able to create a regimen and track your cardiovascular improvement with a heart rate monitor. By improving the heart with exercise, you are allowing your heart to perform more efficiently during normal activity or moderate exercise. Also, exercise improves blood flow, pressure, and cholesterol levels. Don’t forget to eat right, too.

In closing, don’t forget about is bone health. Muscles are a support system for the skeleton. The tendency is for younger people working with an personal trainer NYC not to care about this. However, the explosion of the senior fitness segment and the growing numbers working with personal trainers in New York City a keen awareness is apparent. Muscle mass is more difficult to maintain as we get older, therefore there is a strong case to begin this work at earlier ages when possible to stave off the risk of skeletal injuries in your senior years.


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