The Effect of Poor Nutrition on New Dads

by glenn on February 24, 2012

Mazel Tov to the new father! Your new bundle of love is sure to bring many moments of joy to your life, along with many stressful and sleepless nights. At this time, now more than ever, giving your body the proper nutrients is so important.   Even at full strength, keeping up with the needs of a newborn is taxing on a physically fit new parent. Add in the stress of a job and commuting in New York City along with poor nutrition and you have written a recipe for a rough patch! Before your baby comes it may be best to focus on what you need to do to eat right the first few weeks after bringing your child home, because it is in your best interest, and your child’s, to do so for many reasons. Here are a few highlights.


Proper nutrition can help you keep up your energy levels throughout the day.  Healthy snacks in between meals, like fruit, nuts, or yogurt, can help keep blood sugar levels from whipsawing and creating energy lulls. Newborns require a ton of energy. All of those late night feedings and diaper changes take a toll on your body. By eating right, you ensure your body is getting all the proper nutrition it needs to keep up with your newborn’s demands. It is in your best interest to seek out the help of a professional Nutritionist NYC. These professionals have the credentials to properly assess your individual needs based on your lifestyle, and will develop a custom eating plan to keep you on top of your game.


A New York City nutritionist will also strive to create a customized eating plan that will help lower your risk of future health problems. Should you be struggling with any health issues, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or pre-diabetes, a customized healthy eating plan created by a certified nutritionist NYC can help get these issues under control. By properly managing your health through diet, you ensure that you will be around for your child for many years to come.   If your situation does involve any of these issues or another, it may be important to consider a fitness component to your new lifestyle.  For a proper exercise program design, ask your nutritionist to recommend a good NYC personal trainer for your situation.  You may even be able to involve your family in your fitness activities.


Many people don’t necessarily associate eating habits with sleep, but the two are very connected.  Whether it be the types of foods you eat or the time you eat them, this can have a serious effect on how soundly you sleep through the night.  The New York City lifestyle is one of the nation’s most fast-paced and stressful. This makes it especially hard on new fathers who also work long hours. Eating healthy will ensure your brain gets the nutrients it needs to keep you on your toes at work and play.  When you combine poor nutrition with sleep deprivation, it will result in forgetfulness and your productivity will decrease.


Give your child the gift of a father who will be there for them for many years to come.  Feed your body the fuel it needs to push through the hard times.  Good food at the table sets a good example for your children.  When you fuel your body right, you can better handle the stress of events like being a new parent or the parent of a newborn.  Your children will learn to eat from your eating patterns.  Proper nutrition will help you keep up your energy level, reduce your risk of future health problems, and keep you focused.  Contact a Nutritionist NYC today.


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