Staten Island Personal Trainers Plan for Post Workout Meal

by glenn on January 25, 2014

If you have a desire to get a new body for the new year, it is important to hire Staten Island personal trainer and learn more about the post workout nutrition workout that can make or break your weight loss hopes and dreams. The post workout meal, or the first meal that you eat after you’ve worked out, is important because it is the ‘energy; phase of your workout. This is also commonly referred to as the Anabolic Phase.

This post workout meal helps your body do a number of things, including to help repair, replenish, recover and adapt your body to the strict training that you are putting it through as you are working out.

The purpose of this workout meal is to do the following:
*Replenish the muscle glycogen that is depleted when you workout
*Reduce the breakdown of muscle protein
*Increase the muscle protein synthesis in your body
*Reduce the levels of cortisone in your body
*Decrease muscle soreness and fatigue associated with working out

The post workout meal should contain plenty of carbs and proteins for it to be a success. This is the same thing that you need before a workout, so getting just what you need to fuel your after workout energy needs. The meal should be consumed quickly after the workout so you’re body is eager to receive the proteins and carbs it is given. Staten Island personal trainers understand the importance of the post workout meal and can help you learn more about its importance.


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