Self-Image and Habits go Hand in Hand

by glenn on November 24, 2010

Whether we like it or not, perception equals reality. This is even more so for the individual.

The way you see yourself is the way the world sees you. If you have a negative perception of who you are, then that is what you will project. If you have low self esteem, negative self image, or are self deprecating, than that’s the person you will become.

Break out of those bad habits, and use fitness to take you there.

Your self-image and habits go hand and hand, change one and you automatically change the other. Fitness can precipitate that change by allowing you to look and feel better all while projecting that image unto yourself.

Perhaps at one point of your life, whether that point is now or in the past, you may have been out of shape, overweight, unhealthy, lethargic, or depressed. Whether you realize it or not, exercise can lead you away from that and get you feeling better about yourself.  Once you right the ship your behavior and habits will keep you on course. We’ve all experienced this.

One example is when you are exercising on a regular basis, invariably you start eating better. This is a clear and easy instance of your self-image and habits going hand and hand. When your eating and exercise improves you feel more confident about your body, and the way you carry yourself reflects that. Once you feel better about yourself you must to do what it takes to stay there. Therefore your habits do, and inevitably will change for the better.

Joshua Margolis is an Personal Trainer & Nutritionist in NYC


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