‘Right Here, Right Now’ Applies to Personal Trainers & Clients

by glenn on January 18, 2011

Fresh off my appearance on TalkingAlternative .com radio with Joshua Margolis, I was driving in the car when ‘Right Here, Right Now’ by Van Halen came on the radio.  I thought, how perfect. After what I had been talking about just moments ago on the show, here was the perfect song to underscore the talking points.

People looking to achieve their fitness goals need to start today. ‘Don’t want to wait until tomorrow, why put it off another day.’ If you put it off today, tomorrow becomes a bigger mountain to climb.  Stop making excuses and take that first into the gym.  Stop being scared.  There is nothing to be afraid of in the gym.  What you actually fear is doing something new.  Why do that?  The reality is, that you aren’t  happy with the way things currently are, so you need to shake things up.  Don’t be one of the 88% of New Year’s resolutionists that fail, be one of the select 12% that survive.

For a NYC personal trainer, ‘Right Here, Right Now’, means stop waiting for current clients to refer you new business.  Get out there and make it happen.  Make it happen for yourself.  Prospective clients won’t know you’re out there if they can’t find you when they are looking.  You may be passionate about fitness, but you also have be able to sell people othe idea that you are the personal trainer that cahelp them achieve their fitness goals.  Don’t be one of the 80% of businesses that fail within the first two years operation.  Be one of the select 20% that survive.

The truth is both parties need each other.  It is important to find a connection point.  Realize that, that connection point may be in the gym, on the web, or by getting involved in the local community. Those statistics are so skewed in the negative for those trying to achieve success. If clients could find the right trainer, you’d have a much higher of a successful fulfillment rate for New Year’s resolutions than 12%.  If NYC personal trainers position themselves to be found by potential clients, than the business failure rate would decline.  This is a win-win scenario for both parties.  Right here, right now.


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