by glenn on June 23, 2011

Hey  look!  We all workout and want that great body but for many of us the discipline needed to achieve this is somewhat daunting when it comes to balancing out Post workout revovery meals. Here’s a simple plan to follow.

Exercise not only removes stored salts, water and enzymes from the body but also burns amino acids, glucose & glycogen stored in muscle tissue. When you’ve completed your working out, your body is more receptive to accepting nutrients that would restore and repair it’s energy levels. Energy that’s expended needs to be replaced and recycled in some way to have the body rebound back for normal levels of activity outside the gym. Studies have shown that if you consume a carb/protein meal  30-45 minutes post excercise, your recovery level rapidly increases via replacing your depleted glycogen stores. This simple step, allows your body to recharge and recuperate faster as fuel and energy expenditures is replaced allowing you to return to normal activity. Not doing so diminishes your body’s glycogen level by 66% thereby preventing you from fully recovering for your next workout.

How many times have you walked out the gym and not eaten a post recovery meal? Be it liquid protein or small protein/carb meal? C’mon on be honest right now about how you feel 30 – 40 minutes later. Mostly like crap!!.  I know, because I use to make the same mistakes as a young athlete & by then I’m super starving and want to eat anything in sight. Which is what I used to do as a kid, back in those days we didnt know any better. How many times have you seen someone work out and head for the golden arch? How about the neioghborhood fast food joint? Check thier waistline! But more importantly check their conversation when you’re in the gym next time standing next to them. Why you ask? Cuz the mindset of the athlete dictates their accomplishments in and out the gym.

So a simple post recovery meal 30 minutes  post excercise of 40 – 90 carbs/ 30-40 grams of protein, solves your problem. Two hours post excercise a high carb/protein meal can then be consumed. At this point 2 hours post exercise, you further maximize your body’s ability to recover. By the way, we all know that in general whole foods in general shouldn’t be consumed post excercise as its harder to digest. I am a a  bit flexible in this area as a trainer, as there’s never really a perfect scernario if you dont have your meal with you  So a small protein, carb meal, palm portion, serving can be consumed fololwed by a protein shake an  hour or so later.

There are some hard and fast rules that can be adjusted once you go back on your regimen immediately, so your actions wont severely impact your training.

Until next time, Geronimo Davidson



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