Personal Trainers on Television Are Not Just Trainers To The Stars

by glenn on November 19, 2012

You see them on the morning news, afternoon talk shows, and the evening news programs offering their take on the latest buzz in the health and fitness industry.  Some of them are there to show you a gut-busting 3-minute abdominal workout, while others are there to provide insight on how the latest nutritional advice can effect exercise.  You will see them in the latest gossip magazine mentioned by an actress lost the baby weight in 8 weeks and looks amazing.  You see them credited by an actor who bulked up to play an action hero role.  Whatever the reason they have gotten on television, it is important to remember that these personal trainers put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else.  While a few of them may have a celebrity client, most trainers do not.  Therefore, not every trainer on tv is a trainer to the stars.  They got on television for reasons other than a famous client and they me also be located right in your neighborhood and ready to work with you.

Quite simply, they may be extremely good at what they do.  They are knowledgeable and come highly recommended.  Clients speak highly and often of them.  Health and fitness is a very popular and engaging atoledo subject for the media, so show producers are constantly looking for trainers and instructors to include in their segments.  In New York City, there are numerous media outlets from all areas of the trade; television, online, or print media.  When they look for talent, thereis no need to look further than their own backyard, as New York City is home to thousands of personal trainers.

Every NYC personal trainer brings something unique to a diverse lot with extremely different backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences.  These various skill sets come in all different combinations.  Perhaps one is a dancer who rehabilitated himself and became a personal trainer.  Another might be a former professional
athlete who now passes along his experience to others. There may also be others who are cancer survivors who inspire others with their story and training philosophy.  These are stories within stories, as people not only want to learn how to improve their own lifestyle, but they also want to feel a connection with the messenger. Search within your neighborhood for a NYC personal trainer and you will find that more than a few have had on air opportunities to share their
expertise on a particular area of health and fitness.  Remember, before beginning any exercise program, consult with your primary care physician.


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