Personal Trainers Can Improve Returns Just Like Accountants

by glenn on January 23, 2012

Every January, a large group of mainly sedentary people descend on their local gym to purchase a membership.  Of course, they have the best intentions of sticking with it.  They will tell themselves that this is the year to turn it all around.  This is the year they get in the best shape of their lives.  After all, that is what you are supposed to say in January.  Similarly, come April, everyone is rushing to submit their taxes.  In both cases, people want to get maximum returns.  But for some reason, people are more likely to seek the assistance of an accountant than a personal trainer.  However, personal trainers, like accountants, help improve your returns.


Even the simplest tax return can take many hours to complete and be very stressful.  Still, there may be deductions that you are eligible for and it is important to be aware of what they are.  Plus, as is the buzz in Congress, the tax codes are very difficult to decipher.  So, many individuals will walk into the CPA office for help.  In fitness, the simple tax return is the equivalent of an otherwise healthy adult beginning a fitness program. There may not be any glaring health issues, but there are details to pay attention to like form and exercise choice.  Making the right choices can help you refine a workout to be more efficient and effective during your exercise sessions.


On the tax front, what happens when your taxes are more involved?  For those with families, joint filers, or small business owners, tax season can keep someone up all night.  For many, using a CPA is an absolute necessity.  However, some still feel they need to do it themselves or they can do just as well on their own.  Ask anyone with a difficult tax return and they will tell you, they got more money back and didn’t have to waste the hours trying to fill out the form properly.  Not only is it necessary to keep up with your expenses all year, but now you need to organize and reconcile everything.  You have to be sure that you separate each line item properly and are taking advantage of every single deduction, whether it is a business deduction or a childcare deduction.  This is the same as a person who needs or wants to start a fitness program and has health problems.  Whether they be illness related or a nagging injury, they need to be addressed when create your exercise program.  If you have high blood pressure, you need to monitor your heart rate and be sure to stay within the recommended range.  Someone with a knee issue may need to stay away from the squat rack.  Ignoring the condition could lead to far worse problems.


The biggest challenge with trying to address both of these scenarios on your own is that you need to know everything about tax laws and exercise physiology.   There are very few people who can be experts in both exercise physiology and filing tax returns, while at the same time have a successful, completely unrelated, full time occupation.  If you are reading this article, you are probably not one of those few, but rather struggle with your own fitness and taxes.  It’s best to delegate the task of creating a maximally beneficial exercise program and a maximum tax refund to one of these industry experts.


In these instances, it is best to hire an certified public accountant or a personal trainer.  They are professionals of their respective fields.  In both cases, they will move you efficiently and effectively through your task to completion.  From a tax perspective, a certified public accountant will save you countless hours of sorting through tax receipts and tax codes to make sure you maximize your returns.  Similarly, a personal trainer Queens will help design a program for you before even stepping out onto the gym floor.  Then they will execute it with you minimizing useless break times, while alternating exercises to give muscles the appropriate rest time to recover for the next set.



In March, you will see plenty of advertisements by companies stating that by having their accountants look over your taxes you will receive a higher tax refund.  In December and January, you will see an increase in advertisements by fitness facilities promoting gym memberships with a personal training NYC special.  For those of you who are do-it-yourselfers, take heed.  There is some truth to these advertisements.  Be true to yourself.  Ask for help when you need to find the best and quickest route to your goals.  Enjoy your workout!



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