Personal Trainers Are A Proactive Form of Healthcare

by glenn on May 16, 2012


While our Supreme Court Justices debate the constitutionality of Obamacare, our country isn’t getting any healthier.  It is important to remember that whether it passes or not, this healthcare law will not make us healthier as individuals or a country.  This bill is about how much money healthcare costs and how to lower the cost of care. What we really need is a proactive approach to healthcare that makes us a healthier people and therefore helps us to save money on healthcare costs.


According to some of the most recent data available, it is estimated that 36% of adults are obese.  Two-thirds of adults are considered overweight.  By 2030, predictions have obesity statistics showing that 40% of adults will be obese.  This is a self-inflicted disease that will only lead to more health problems down the road.  It is the equivalent to scraping your leg on a rusty piece of medal, not cleaning the wound, and watching it turn red, and still doing nothing about it.  Eventually, the wound becomes totally infected and could become so dangerous that even medication cannot help it.  As a final act, the leg has to be amputated.


One of the biggest reasons for individuals and American families are claiming bankruptcy is the cost of medical care.  As is well documented, the cost of medical care is getting more expensive.  In 2009, healthcare costs were 17.3% of our gross domestic product. By 2017, it is estimated that more than 21 cents of every dollar spent in this country will be on healthcare.  On an individual level, healthcare costs an average of $1,500 more for an obese person than that of a person maintaining a healthy weight.  If we have learned anything from families, it is that medical costs will bankrupt you as it overtakes your ability to cover other expenses.  Eventually, medical costs will bankrupt the good old USA if we don’t do something about it.


Fortunately, there is a major bright spot. Obesity, which is responsible for increasing a lot of risk factors for certain diseases is preventable in most cases.   Approximately 80% of obesity related illnesses are preventable simply by diet and exercise and living a generally healthy lifestyle.  Thus, if individuals learn how to make smarter health and fitness choices, we can start saving our healthcare dollars for those people who really need it.  Those individuals whereby diet and exercise alone cannot help themselves.  Thus lowering our overall healthcare expense.


How does someone make the change for themselves? Get connected with an fitness or nutritional expert.  Learn what works best for your body and lifestyle.  In my utopian world, a site like NeighborhoodTrainers can help people realize that personal trainers NYC, Pilates and yoga instructors, nutritionists, and health coaches are accessible anywhere and ready to work with people with all different types of issues and goals. Your success is their success.  Now that is a much better way to spend money on healthcare and get an incredible return on your investment.


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