Personal Trainer Marketing Made Easy, Really?

by glenn on March 17, 2012


If you believe that one, then maybe you can understand your clients when they say after two weeks that this isn’t working and they aren’t seeing results.  Just like there is no quick and easy way to see your fitness goals achieved, there is no magic pill marketing that will give you all the clients you need quickly and with little effort.  Nothing gets done without hard work, dedication, and determination.  The key element is to have a plan and execute it.


I talk to a lot of fitness professionals.  Those that wisely don’t rely solely on word of mouth for attracting new clients, have tried many products promising a quick influx of clients.   I think many fitness trainers expect marketing products or software to work right out of the box and that is simply not true.  If it did work that way, everyone would become a personal trainer, purchase the product, and go from rags to riches.  It isn’t to say that they don’t work, because that would not be the truth.  The simple fact is that you have to learn how to use the product and then actually use it.  Once you know how to use it, then you can formulate a plan to use the product’s strengths to promote your business.


The other trick is not to give up to quickly on it.  Just because something doesn’t work in the short term, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.  Again, it could come down to your knowledge and use of the product.  As you become more familiar with it, you may begin to have more success with it.  If necessary, contact the company and tell them about the issues you are experiencing.  The extra insight may illicit some additional creative ideas for your marketing strategies.  More importantly, you need to follow through on your plan for a window of time that will give you a full indication of the product’s effectiveness.  There is a sports term for all of this, that is follow through.  Place kickers, basketball players, soccer players, if you want to be successful you need to follow through on your kicks and shots.  You marketing efforts should employ the exact same principle.


You don’t just put up a Facebook page and expect to get a flood of likes.  If you send out a Tweet, you don’t immediately get thousands of followers, unless if you are a celebrity.  When you start a website it doesn’t just shoot to the top of every relevant keyword search.  These are huge efforts and they take planning, time, and effort.  The best marketing that you can do as a personal trainer is to provide a clear look at who you are as a personal trainer NYC and what you offer people.  Also, give your clients 110% during your sessions.  Word of mouth is powerful, but remember there is always someone else watching your session.  Make sure that you have the tools for those people to learn more about you.  If you are at a session and another person at the gym asks for information, have a one-page document ready to handout in exchange for their contact information.  On that handout, be sure to have a website that you can refer them to.  As stated before, this place should be somewhere that spells out exactly who you are and what you offer.  Then when you speak again, you can ask what made them ask about your services.  It isn’t a stretch and it is a great to get the conversation started.


Remember, marketing of any kind takes planning, time, and effort.  You can’t expect to fill up your schedule in one day.  If you aren’t willing to make the effort, do not expect any marketing to be effective.  If you execute it correctly, it should bear some fruit.  Find personal trainer marketing tools that will offer you a great return on your investment through value built on features and effectiveness.



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