Eat Less, Play More

by glenn on October 21, 2010

As adults we seem to have lost our instinct to prioritize play. In our busy world, with its emphasis on work and responsibility, to be healthy and balanced we must work on more than just our bodies; we must feed our hearts, minds and spirits.

Remember when you were a child and you got so wrapped up in playing, imagining or creating that you didn’t want to stop when it was time to eat? Do you remember leaving your meal half-finished to run off and continue playing? Children innately understand that food is secondary to what is most nutritious and primary in life: fun and play.

Have you noticed that when your body, mind and spirit are engaged in a creative project or happy relationship, your reliance on food seems to decrease? Likewise, when you are unsatisfied with your relationships, your job or other areas of your life, you may depend on food to cheer, soothe or numb you. When your life is out of balance, no amount of food can feed you where you truly need nourishment. The food that we eat is very important for health and balance, but what really feeds us-a full and fulfilling life-doesn’t come on a plate.

What is fun for you? What makes you light up? What excites you? Make time for it this week. Even if you don’t have much free time for fun, try approaching a “serious” activity with an attitude of play. This can greatly reduce stress and anxiety and bring more pleasure to your day. Take your focus off food, try adding more fun into your life and watch the magic unfold.

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Personal training is not something that has to be done every week, nor does it have to be a long-term commitment. For those people that want to enlist the services of a personal trainer in NYC, but are on a limited budget, there is a way to do it economically and still reap the benefits.

Whether you are just starting an exercise program or are an experienced fitness enthusiast you can find personal trainers NYC to fit your needs and goals. The goal here should be to learn a fitness routine over 5-10 sessions with a personal trainer and then be able to perform this routine going forward on your own. Once you’ve mastered the routine, schedule future training sessions on a monthly basis so that you can meet, go over your progress, and tweak your program where necessary.

You can also apply this same methodology to working with a pilates instructor NYC or a nutritionist.

If you are a little more self-motivated and trying to adhere to a stricter budget, but still get some bang for your buck, you may want to try group fitness classes. These classes can be as little as $10-$20 per class for a series of 8-10 sessions. You can come away from the experience knowing many new exercises that you can incorporate in to your own fitness routine. You may also develop a rapport with a fitness professional who understands what you’re trying to accomplish, thereby gaining some additional advice from them without the expense of private sessions. Group fitness instructors NYC are, in most cases, personal trainers, as well. To become a group fitness instructor most, if not all, certification agencies require the instructor to already be certified as a personal trainer.

The key is to figure out where your interests lie when pursuing a fitness goal. You are less likely to continue on your own with a particular discipline if you don’t enjoy it in the first place. However, if you take the time think about what it is that you would enjoy then you’ve won a major part of the battle to achieve your goal. I have often asked people to close their eyes and visualize how they see themselves achieving their goals. Once they’ve answered that, the path becomes clearer for both the fitness professional and the client.



A Rock and A Ball

by glenn on September 16, 2010

In today’s age of the latest and greatest fitness trends, it’s time to go back to basics. Simplicity is the key to success.

Before exercise equipment existed, there was “A Rock and a Ball.” Don’t think for a moment that the Roman Army ever trained on Nautilus equipment. Gym equipment exists to sell memberships, and little else. Space is the most valuable commodity.

“A Rock and a Ball” is an old expression that has been part of the fitness lexicon for ages. These two toys are all one should ever need to achieve their fitness goals. One must rely only on the creativity of his or her personal trainer NYC to help them achieve their goals.

A “Rock” refers to a medicine ball. For those of you out there not familiar with exercise, a medicine ball is a weighted rubber or leather ball that can be used anywhere. When used properly this ball can apply resistance to almost every muscle in the body. Twisting, throwing, squatting, and jumping until you can no more. All of those playful movements you did as a kid now have a purpose; reshape your body and achieve perfect symmetry.

A “Ball” is not just any ordinary ball; it is a Stability ball, A.K.A, Swiss ball or resistance ball. Whether you have been in a gym, or not, you have all seen it, perhaps your kids play with one. Imagine every exercise ever performed on a bench or on the ground, but now on a ball. The major difference being your core and structural integrity are challenged, for the laymen: washboard abs. Just sitting on the ball makes you use your abdominals to keep yourself upright.

Now if you’re up for it, try combining both of them together. Your options become limitless and the potential for having fun and achieving a lean healthy body go hand and hand.

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Living in New York affords many people a wide range of possibilities when it comes to working out. However, what many people lack isn’t opportunity so much as focus and motivation. They want to become more physically fit but they talk themselves out of it. In situations as that no amount of gym memberships, exercise videos, or home gym equipment will suffice, these people need a driving force. One way to find such a force is to hire a personal trainer. There are three primary benefits for hiring a personal trainer in New York City.

The Anywhere Workout

There are many wonderful places to exercise in the city. Good personal trainers can create opportunities for a rigorous workout from a park bench and a slab of concrete or a state of the art gym.  Creating a varied workout in any environment, indoors or outdoors, to offer a change of scenery and a varied workout everytime. With a NYC personal trainer helping their client, obtaining the limits of physical potential increases. This is because the work out regimen may be performed in many places instead of one static location. Many people purchase a gym membership or a few gadgets and expect that to fulfill their need to become more fit. With professional fitness trainer the gym can be used or it can be left behind. The world can become your work out station. One day you may run through Central Park and perform body weight exercises. On another day you may undergo resistance training in a gym. A client may find themselves swimming on yet another day. There are any number of ways to train the human body and personal trainers NYC can tailor a unique regimen to their client’s needs.

The Cutting Edge of Fitness

City life provides many avenues to keep fit. Simply walking the streets may be a good start for some, but New York City can often be on the cutting edge of the fitness industry. With scores of  innovative personal trainers NYC looking for unique ways to help clients achieve success, many fitness trends start here and then spread across the country.  When finding the motiviation to workout is difficult, it often just may be finding the right type of activity in which to participate.  Whether individuals are motivated by straight weight training, the latest cardio routine, or aerial acrobatics, they can find the latest and greatest from a personal trainer in NYC.

Knowledge is Power

Personal trainers NYC know how to keep a client’s interest by educating them to become more in tune with their bodies. Once an individual learns what works for them, along with a well educated fitness partner, they’ll push harder and reach deeper within themselves. When there is someone else around that believes an individual can achieve the goals they set, they are more likely to reach it.

The truth is that many people simply do not know a proper method of working out. This is especially true of individuals new to exercise, but it might also be a problem for more experienced individuals. A personal trainer will have knowledge of how the body works and what methods will work best for a given individual’s goals. With their guidance their client can reach their potential with greater swiftness. This makes for a perfect situation for people living in the fast paced city as it maximizes their time spent working out.



It's September

by glenn on August 27, 2010

By Chuck Rowland, Personal Trainer

This is traditionally one of the three biggest fitness months of the year. January and May are the others. By the end of this month, all summer vacations will have wrapped up, kids will be back in school and everyone will be back on schedule. And after participating in your fair share of summer BBQ’s, many of you will discover yourselves to be a little, let’s say, softer.

A word of caution. Don’t react to the added pounds. Respond. Stop and think. You probably took much of the summer off –  even spring, as well. It took you approximately five months to get where you are. Don’t think you’re going to drop into the Norskespill er et av de casinoene med flest mobilspill og har 58 fantastiske spill tilgjengelig til mobilen din. gym, sling some iron for 2 weeks, or do a couple of loops in Central Park and voila! – Heidi Klum or Mario Lopez. Nah, not gonna happen. Start by eating sensibly again. Consult a personal trainer NYC. Begin your training routine in a moderate fashion and progress judiciously. Make sure it includes, at minimum, resistance, cardio and flexibility. Yes, it’s September. Welcome back to reality.

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Many people confuse a proper work out with the need for high-end gym equipment. The truth is that these expensive pieces of hardware are useful but unnecessary. Simple body weight exercises, plyometrics, and the usage of bands can drastically improve an individual’s physique. Personal trainers in  NYC know this and many have begun to actively fight the most difficult battle there is in regards to maintaining a client base. That battle is boredom. One routine that is proven to work and has done so for thousands of years is resistance and body weight training. The kind of equipment a personal trainer needs to completely work out their client can fit in a backpack!

As most trainers commute between clients via bicycle, bus, or subway, this is a very common sense approach.

The Low-Down

The urban life-style can lead to long hours at work and many visits to the gym to make up for it. The need to visit a gym everyday can be expensive and the fact is that many people do not like to deal with large crowds. For those who can afford personal trainers in NYC there is an alternative to the gym scene. That alternative is the backpack workout.

Everything the trainer needs to give you a good workout is brought with them. Once the trainer has arrived on-scene they have many tools to help fight the workout boredom many people find themselves with.

One of the best tools they bring is a changeable location. A self-conscious client can choose to exercise in the park, the trainer’s personal location, even their own home. The fun part is that this location can change every day. There is no need to treat a workout like it was a part of your nine to five job. Personal trainers in NYC can take even the most sedentary of individual’s and turn them into a magnificent physical specimen. This can be done without going to the gym or expensive equipment.

What’s in the Bag?

Several items a personal trainer NYC might carry in their backpack include resistance bands, ankle weights, folded mats, boxing gloves, jump rope, sliding discs, and inflatable balls. The weight of the backpack and contents itself might even be a main ingredient of the work out. Hiking is one of the best exercises available and with the added weight of a backpack it becomes that much more worthwhile for bone health. A solid hike while wearing a lightly weighted backpack provides resistance training, cardio, and strength training all at once. Hiking as little as ten minutes a day will drastically reduce the chances of breaking a bone through normal daily wear and tear.

In the end, the best thing about a personal trainer carrying a workout in a backpack is that it provides ample opportunity for the client, you, to move around the city and explore new things while getting in shape. No amount of riding a stationary bike with a TV-screen will ever compare to that.



A personal trainer in NYC offers an advantage because workouts can be done in beautiful central park. You can take in fresh air, which is good for the lungs and have wide-open space to move around freely. Outdoor workouts are unique because there is no gym equipment, no treadmill to walk on and no ab machines. Your body weight becomes your resistance. A NYC personal trainer can take your weight loss to a new level. On average people lose more weight with personal trainers because of their concentrated approach. You get the benefits of their knowledge and learn cardio, aerobics and weight training techniques that melts fat and build stamina faster than doing it alone.

Natural elements are a valuable workout tool for multiple reasons. Large rocks, benches, hills and trails can all be used to effectively work your body into shape. Outdoor workouts challenge your body allowing for more range of motion than gym equipment. It pushes your body to work harder, which produces faster results.

Some of the most popular outdoor exercises are lunges that can be done a few different ways. Your trainer may have you do walking lunges or a combination of walking and standing lunges. Another common outdoor exercise that requires to equipment is the infamous push up. Push-ups can be done on a mat your trainer brings with them to avoid damage to your hands. Push-ups are a perfect for building muscle in the chest and upper abdomen. A personal trainer in NYC is skilled in making everyday items work to your advantage. Exercises like step-ups can be done using a bench in the park. They target each muscle in your leg and push your heart past its comfort zone.

With each New Year comes the promise of getting in shape. However, due to life, being too busy or a lack of motivation individuals find themselves making the same promise year after year. One common excuse is not knowing where to start this can be remedied with a qualified NYC personal trainer. Personal trainers not only know where to get started but also know how to keep you motivated.

With the help of a skilled personal trainer in NYC you can learn how to train your body to use its own weight and strength to develop muscle. Your body uses more energy using its own weight energy that burns more calories with each workout session. You feel your muscles working immediately and you can see your results much faster. The other benefits of an outdoor or studio workout are the amount of room made available to you and the convenience. You do not have to stand in line waiting for equipment. It”s less crowded at a park so you can get your workout done in less time.



If you live in New York City and you have reached a standstill on your weight loss, you will find there are a lot of personal trainers to choose from in your area. Those who choose to enlist the help of a professional will find they stand a much higher chance of reaching the goals they have set for themselves. However, before you hire just anyone, make sure you know the best way to find personal trainers in NYC.

The first thing you should do is ask any friends, relatives, or coworkers if they know of anyone they would recommend to you. You do not want to hire this individual immediately, though. Instead, put them on a list you are making of all potential candidates.

To add more prospective candidates, you may want to inquire with any gyms you are a member of, as well as the Internet for those in your area. Add them to your list. When you have accumulated five or six, you can set up a consultation. Be sure that the consultation is free. If they state there is a charge, cross them off the list immediately.

Your interview with each one should give you an idea of how they will approach your weight loss and let you know whether you will be able to get along with them. Ask questions you have prepared beforehand, such as what experience they have and how they would approach a problem. Also, before they leave the interview, be sure they leave you a list of references and be sure to contact them.

While you do need to make certain you get along with any NYC personal trainers you hire, your goal is not to hire someone to be your friend. What you will need is someone who is going to push you hard enough for you to reach your goals. When evaluating the interviews you conducted, try to leave your personal feelings out of it. Yes, you must get along with them, but more important, they must be able to provide you with the motivation to complete your workouts.

Before you hire just anyone, make sure you know the best way to select a personal trainer.Choosing personal trainers in nyc does not have to be difficult. However, it may take some time for you to find one that meets your criteria. Once you find the right one, you will find the wait was worth it.



Choosing a personal trainer in New York City does not have to be a difficult and frustrating venture. It can be a motivating and educational experience on your road to self improvement. Within every gym and fitness center, there seems to be an overwhelming number of fitness professionals to choose from. And we must not forget the many private studios that dot the city’s vertical landscape. While this may seem like a positive thing, choosing the wrong trainer may lead to injury or simply be a waste of money. Fortunately, it is easy to find great personal trainers NYC when following a few quick and easy steps.

How To Choose A Personal Trainer in New York City in 4 Easy Steps:

1. When choosing a trainer, it is important to first set a budget. Trainers can range in price from $40.00 to hundreds of dollars an hour. While it may be true that you get what you pay for, it is possible to find a great personal trainer on a reasonable budget. First setting a budget will not only get you started on your search, but will help to limit your options to a more manageable amount.

2. After setting a budget, it is then important to determine why you are seeking the help of a fitness trainer. Whether you are interested in losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or are training for a specific event, there are sure to be NYC personal trainers that specialize in helping people like you meet your goals.

3. You must also decide where you will meet with your trainer. Will you be joining a gym, using an office or apartment building gym, or will you need a trainer to come to your home? Not every trainer will train in every environment.

4. It is now time to meet with a few different personal trainers in NYC. Selecting a trainer that you are comfortable with will keep you looking forward to training sessions, while helping you meet your fitness goals. It is important to remember you are choosing the trainer for your needs, not to fit their schedule.

I have always believed that everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle deserves the opportunity. Being able to bring fitness professionals together with people who need assistance to realize their fitness goals is something I have always enjoyed. To learn more about NeighborhoodTrainers, please visit our website,



As more and more New York City apartment buildings look to attract new buyers and renters, there is an ever grow list of amenities being offered. This can range from a doorman and/or a concierge on premises to an onsite gym, space permitted, for residents. Most buildings will let residents bring in their own personal trainers to work with them.

Often the gyms are maintained by the building or an outside company, while equipment maintenance is handled by authorized technicians. However,, like a beach with “no lifeguard on duty,” many of these facilities do not have a fitness staff. Residents can use it unsupervised.

In these cases, should a resident wish to bring in a personal trainer, it is best to check with the building management or a board member on procedures. Often, all that is required is proof that the personal trainer is certified and insured. Copies of both documents will most likely need to be submitted to the building management company to be kept on file. They want to make sure that the resident, trainer, and the building’s assets are legally protected in case of any accidental injury. While most building do not charge to allow a trainer on premises, keep in mind that other buildings may have a fee in place for personal trainers nyc training clients in the building. This fee can be as much as $15 per session or a flat annual membership fee to train in the building. This can be a better deal for the personal trainer if they have multiple clients in that building, as well as a good source of revenue for the building.

Commercial buildings are also getting into the onsite gym game. Some buildings allow individual companies to construct a facility for their own employees. Still others will establish a facility in which all commercial tenant employees can access. Not only does this improve the amenities to the corporate tenants, but it provides a person with additional exercises choices throughout the day.

The great thing is that you can find personal trainers nyc that can meet you anywhere you need them, at home, at the office, or anywhere in between. New York City is full of independent Personal trainers ready to work with you.