Are you looking to get in shape, or maintain an optimal fitness level? If you live within the five boroughs of New York City you will find many avenues for fitness. Whether it is Yoga in Queens, personal training in Manhattan, Pilates in Brooklyn, boot camp in the Bronx or one of many other options you can find it in the Big Apple. New York City is home to one of the largest concentrations of fitness professionals in the United States. While a majority of them work in gyms, many of them are independent fitness professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit to strike out on their own to start a business.

I had a friend who once walked from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Coney Island. Along his 13 mile walk, he must have passed a number of fitness facilities. From a Brooklyn Yoga studio offering many exciting and interesting classes to an Upper East Side personal training gym providing one-on-one training to satisfy the beginner or the professional athlete. Every nook and cranny of New York City has mind/body studios, gyms, Crossfit workouts, dance studios and much more available for the fitness conscious person. Once you have decided what interests you, it is easier to begin to focus on which place will suit you best.

In Manhattan there are several places utilizing Russian Kettle bell training. Classes like these are approximately a half-hour long and designed to be an intense muscle workout through the use of these simple, but versatile weights. A form of exercise that is centuries old, is just now picking up steam again.

Queens yoga classes offered, some with Online casino US Pilates. Bikram Yoga in Rego Park and Astoria Queens offers the “Original Hot Yoga.” The classes are ninety minutes and are done in a room that is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat allows muscles to stretch more easily, therefore the muscles can be stretched further as in after you “Warm-Up” without actually going through the process.

Many of the Upper East Side Personal Trainers available have certifications from some of the top certification agencies such as the American College of Sports Medicine. You need only look at a short bio or profile of these trainers to see what they are about and their level of experience. What is unique about working with an Upper East Side personal trainer is that not only can they meet you at a gym, but apartment dwellers with a gym in their building can utilize personal training services there. The fact is that if you want to be fit, there is no shortage of ways to accomplish your goals in the five boroughs of New York City. Remember, before starting any physical fitness or nutritional program see your primary care physician for a consultation and check up.



Keep it Fresh With A Personal Trainer

by glenn on August 1, 2012

It is no surprise that many people across the New York City metropolitan area struggle with their weight and health. There are hundreds of opportunities to eat out at
restaurants and to make bad food choices during the day in the Big Apple.


While many local residents walk or ride their bikes to work, to run errands and more, many are still overweight and obese. However, many of these same individuals have attempted to lose weight and tone up over the years without success. If you are included in this group of individuals, you may be considering the benefits
associated with working with a personal trainer NY.


A NY personal trainer is most often Ruletin historia ulottuu 1600-luvulle ja se on kuulunut aina tarkeimpiin ja kiehtovimpiin kasinopeleihin . contracted to provide you with personal service. This may include the development of specific workouts, such as pilates NYC, as well as assistance with meal planning. Whether you enjoy pilates NYC, kickboxing, jogging or other activities, your personal trainer can assist you in developing an excellent training program that will interest you.


One of the reasons many people give up on their diet and exercise efforts is because exercising simply loses its fun appeal. It becomes a chore that they have to do rather than something they look forward to doing. With this in mind, you can see that the personal assistance and guidance of a professional personal trainer NYC can help you to achieve the best results. With a tailor-made exercise program specifically designed for you, you can indeed achieve the fitness results you
want to see.



Exerciseis an important part of obtaining a healthy and fit body. Without proper exercise, it is not possible to obtain that dream body or perfect health most individuals desire. While it is important to get plenty of exercise, it is also important to ensure the form is accurate. Without proper form, exercise
movements can cause serious injuries that take time to heal and slow down fitness goals. A New York personal trainer is the ideal individual to get
involved in fitness goals.

A Manhattan personal trainer will help improve exercise abilities by giving advice, teaching new exercises and ensure that form is accurate to prevent injuries.
The best trainers will also explain when to rest and the best ways to eat for the maximum results. A personal trainer is more than just an exercise coach. He or she is also a diet coach and a form of encouragement when motivation is running a little low. The personal trainer will issue advice and suggestions that make it a little easier to perform exercises. The trainer will also help push their clients to new heights by encouraging heavier weights, more repetitions or even just longer
training sessions.

The end result is that beach body and a healthier exercise habit. Fitness is an important part of looking and feeling as healthy as possible. Meeting fitness goals often starts with getting professional help to learn proper form and exercise habits. With time, the help of a professional will ensure that overall health improves.



When looking for a personal trainer in New York City, there are two major considerations.  Clients want to find someone with a good reputation who will get the job done well and they want the services at an affordable price.  Personal trainers tend to be on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to fees but that is the case about most anything in the city. While personal trainers may charge as much as $150 an hour, thereis the potential to find one that only charges $40.  A reasonable range to expect is around $75-$105 an hour for a single session with a little leeway in either direction, but one shouldn’t be surprised if it creeps up higher in parts of the city.

Anyone considering a personal trainer should bear in mind that it is an investment in one’s health and body. There isn’t anything else in this life that is more
important. Money spent to stay fit and live longer is money well spent. When choosing from one of the many New York personal trainers, select someone who is
experienced, well-educated in physical fitness and who has positive reviews from others. Find out if the trainer is nationally certified for an added vote of confidence in order to get one’s money’s worth. An online search that requests reviews will provide feedback and assist in making an informed decision.

Other considerations affecting price include the location of the session.  Will you have the personal trainer come to your home or meet them at a gym. Requesting a personal trainer New York City, who mainly works outside of your area, to come to the home or apartment will most likely be more expensive.

Another important consideration is the length of time that the personal trainer New York City is needed. If a trainer costs less, but doesn’t provide good results after a year, that is money wasted. However, if a client pays a little more but has that phenomenal body within a few months, that personal trainer is well worth the extra. In the long run, it will actually be a savings for clients.

There are few instances where beginning a fitness routine under the careful eye of a personal trainer could have negative consequences.  Nonetheless, it can happen.  It is highly recommended that anyone starting a new fitness routine see their doctor for a full exam and get their approval to begin a rigorous routine.  Most NYC
personal trainers
will require a health history questionnaire be filled out before your sessions can begin ad that will be one of the questions.  If your personal trainer-client relationship does not start this way, it may be a red flag and a sign you should find another personal training partner.



The most powerful force you can have on your side is knowledge. This is not just the book smart kind of knowledge. This type of knowledge is of yourself, your current health status, your current lifestyle decisions, and the nutritional knowledge to be able to take action to create the desired change.


While weight is something that is measured on a scale by the number shown, it isn”t always best to measure your success, or failure, by the scale.  Success is achieved by learning what works best for your body, adding more of that, and crowding out what doesn”t.  You”ll measure your success by how good you feel.


Start by doing some easy research on yourself with a three day food intake log.  Make sure these are three fairly routine days.  Write down every morsel and any physical activity, if possible.  After three days, you will have collected enough information to see where changes can be made.  Analyze the data for possible areas for change.  If you need help, consult with a local nutritionist.  Based on the consensus need for change, you will need to consider the current flexibility of your daily schedule.  Start with a casino online nutritional few changes at a time. See how your body reacts then consider your next moves.


If you have children or spend long hours at work, consider packing foods for the day.  Schedule in your snacks, meals, and a bit of <a href=”“>exercise</a>. Don”t worry what your friends might think.  Weight loss and <a href=””>fitness goals</a> are as individual an experience as you can get.  If you are menstruating, this is also not a good time to measure your intake nor to implement change.  Many women can be distracted from their goals by this, as well as work, kids or other personal responsibilities.  If you have a setback, don”t dwell on it.  Start fresh the next day.


Remember to see your doctor for a complete checkup before starting any physical fitness or weight training program.  A complete annual physical should be a part of everyone’s wellness plan.  This simple visit to your doctor can help stave off chronic or serious health problems from developing.  This is especially important if you will be working out when you are alone.  If you are at risk for any health problems, you will want to know before you get started.  Plus, this will give you a great picture of your current state of health so you can do an accurate before and after comparison.  Enjoy your workout!



New York City personal trainers are both stationary and mobile trainers. Some work exclusively at gyms, while others also travel to the homes or offices of their clients working out at their home of office gyms or just using free weights, exercise bands, work out balls or steps conveniently located in the building. Their clients quickly learn how beneficial working out with a trainer can be. When they open up and share life’s stresses with their trainer they often get something better than advice, but after a relentless workout, they simply feel more empowered to tackle the problem themselves.

A personal trainer in New York has the flexibility of working with a large number of clients, because getting from one client to another is made easier with public transportation, the subway and bus as well as taxis. Clients from all walks of life inhabit the city of New York. A personal trainer may find that he or she has clients that are famous actors, Wall Street executives, secretaries, transit workers, athletes and business owners. Only their rates will limit who they might serve.

Fitness does solve a lot of problems that stem from eating the wrong foods and lack of exercise, like weight gain and some mood disorders. It can also improve some relationship issues. When you’re healthier, it’s easier to enjoy the company of your significant other. You’ll naturally be happier and more relaxed when you work out during the day. You’ll feel more comfortable with your body when your muscles are stronger and you have more energy. All these benefits are reaped when you exercise and with the guidance of New York City personal trainers.

A personal trainer in New York may serve clients best when he or she also offers a listening ear to their clients. It’s easier to give your all to a trainer who cares. Those extra reps are difficult, but so much easier to push though when you know the person asking for that push truly cares about you. Fitness solves a lot of problems, because the trained client has a clearer mind to handle life’s ups and downs when they’re in better shape.


No matter what your frame of mind, personal training is not something to be entered into without some self evaluation. Remember, before starting any physical fitness or weight training program, see your doctor for a complete checkup.  A complete annual physical should be a part of everyone’s wellness plan.  This simple visit to your doctor can help stave off chronic or serious health problems from developing.



The Benefits of Kettle Bell Training

by glenn on May 25, 2012

There are many enticing benefits of kettle ball training. This fact holds true for advanced athletes and people who are just starting to get in shape. The popularity of exercising with a kettle ball is sweeping New York City.


It seems like everybody is talking about the benefits of kettle ball training in New York City. You hear about it on the subway, from co-workers and friends.


There’s good reason for these increasing popularity. Kettle bell training affords a triple threat to those love handles you’re trying so hard to banish. This type of exercise offers strength training, cardio and flexibility training for busy people, who need to maximize their workout time. You can kiss those jiggles goodbye with kettle ball training because it helps get you fit without the boredom that can sometimes come with exercise machines and regular weights. People who are already in shape will see themselves grow even stronger and leaner with kettle ball workouts.


Some may want to pop in a DVD and work with a kettle ball on their own. Of course, that strategy may be OK for some people. The best way to learn how to australian online casinos blast fat and handle a kettle ball with the kind of finesse you need and crave is with a qualified personal trainer NYC.


The best part of working with a personal trainer NYC is that this fitness expert can help give you tips and tricks to accelerate your kettle ball training. Another great reason to try kettle ball training with a personal trainer NYC is that this professional can give you exercises you can do at home on your own to give yourself the kind of body you want and deserve. You’ll never get that kind of personal attention and tailored workout from watching a video or trying this on your own.


A professional trainer also can help guide you should you have any injuries. Other excellent benefits include maximizing your time and reaching your fitness and weight loss goals more quickly. These amazing benefits make working with a trainer for kettle ball training a wise decision.



Three Myths of Personal Training Rates

by glenn on May 19, 2012

I am often asked how much do personal trainers cost. The question is asked as if there is only one simple answer to this question. However, that is not the case as many factors go into how a personal trainer determines their session rate. For those who are looking for a personal trainer they can work with, it is more important to determine where you budget breakpoint is and what your needs are. All of the other factors are merely non-factors until it is necessary to know. Sometimes people are afraid to hear the answer, because they think that personal training will be too expensive. When it comes to personal training prices there are a couples of myths I would like to dispel.

Most people have to travel to work everyday and rarely do people get paid for their travel time to the office. But in service businesses, if you have in home services, you will have to pay more for the person to come to you. This is not the case, most of the time, with personal trainers. For trainers in New York City, they spend much of their days going from place to place on a bike or the bus. Most have an unlimited metro card, so it costs them nothing extra to get around the city. It is expected that some traveling between clients is done. Many of their clients live in buildings that have gyms in their apartment buildings, so it makes sense to go to them. What’s best for the trainer in this case is their is no cost to them to train clients in a “home gym”. There is no rent being charged. Now, if you were very particular in the personal trainer or instructor you selected and they had to travel an hour out of their normal area to get to you, then they might charge you for travel time.

If you are concerned that you might be paying someone just to travel to your location, then you might consider an instructor who has their own training studio. However, there are some out there who would argue that personal trainers with private training studios cost more. True, they do have rental fees to pay, but aside from that there is little expense. The flip side of that argument is that they can train more people in less time since they don’t have to travel from place to place. Their travel time is reduced to zero. If they have a home base gym or their own private studio, they can bounce from one session to the next with little or no intermission. There is little chance that the trainer hasn’t built this cost into their session rates already. Every business has expenses that are built into the cost of their product or service.

On a different matter all together, some personal training clients think you get better results with more expensive trainers. My guess is you can find lots of people who paid high session rates and got little results, while their will be others who found less expensive trainers and achieved great results. Just the same as you might buy a Mercedes that is in the repair shop often, while someone who bought a new less expensive Ford could drive problem free for years. Personal trainers determine their rates on many factors. They will look at basic things like their expenses and competitor pricing in the area. After that they have to confidently consider what value to place on their services. They will take into account, there level of education, the packages they want to offer, business and financial goals, and the simple laws of supply and demand.

The bottom line when determining what to pay for personal training services, is to not worry about how the trainer came to determine their price. Find the right combination of services, skills, and experience that meet your needs in your price range. If you need a trainer to provide in-home services, then you look for those that offer that option. If your medical history requires an instructor has a special certification, the you put that on your check list. Don’t settle for a trainer based on the cheapest price. Rather, look for the personal trainers in your price range that meet your needs. To view a robust list of personal trainer profiles in your New York City zip code, click here.




While our Supreme Court Justices debate the constitutionality of Obamacare, our country isn’t getting any healthier.  It is important to remember that whether it passes or not, this healthcare law will not make us healthier as individuals or a country.  This bill is about how much money healthcare costs and how to lower the cost of care. What we really need is a proactive approach to healthcare that makes us a healthier people and therefore helps us to save money on healthcare costs.


According to some of the most recent data available, it is estimated that 36% of adults are obese.  Two-thirds of adults are considered overweight.  By 2030, predictions have obesity statistics showing that 40% of adults will be obese.  This is a self-inflicted disease that will only lead to more health problems down the road.  It is the equivalent to scraping your leg on a rusty piece of medal, not cleaning the wound, and watching it turn red, and still doing nothing about it.  Eventually, the wound becomes totally infected and could become so dangerous that even medication cannot help it.  As a final act, the leg has to be amputated.


One of the biggest reasons for individuals and American families are claiming bankruptcy is the cost of medical care.  As is well documented, the cost of medical care is getting more expensive.  In 2009, healthcare costs were 17.3% of our gross domestic product. By 2017, it is estimated that more than 21 cents of every dollar spent in this country will be on healthcare.  On an individual level, healthcare costs an average of $1,500 more for an obese person than that of a person maintaining a healthy weight.  If we have learned anything from families, it is that medical costs will bankrupt you as it overtakes your ability to cover other expenses.  Eventually, medical costs will bankrupt the good old USA if we don’t do something about it.


Fortunately, there is a major bright spot. Obesity, which is responsible for increasing a lot of risk factors for certain diseases is preventable in most cases.   Approximately 80% of obesity related illnesses are preventable simply by diet and exercise and living a generally healthy lifestyle.  Thus, if individuals learn how to make smarter health and fitness choices, we can start saving our healthcare dollars for those people who really need it.  Those individuals whereby diet and exercise alone cannot help themselves.  Thus lowering our overall healthcare expense.


How does someone make the change for themselves? Get connected with an fitness or nutritional expert.  Learn what works best for your body and lifestyle.  In my utopian world, a site like NeighborhoodTrainers can help people realize that personal trainers NYC, Pilates and yoga instructors, nutritionists, and health coaches are accessible anywhere and ready to work with people with all different types of issues and goals. Your success is their success.  Now that is a much better way to spend money on healthcare and get an incredible return on your investment.



Is The Gym Your Fortress of Solitude?

by glenn on May 4, 2012

It is undeniable, the majority of people who exercise go to a gym. But on the days they don’t go to the gym, they do not workout. For most it is an either/or scenario. Either I go to the gym and workout or I don’t go and do nothing. My question is why can’t you have both? Give yourself the option to exercise at the gym and also on days you don’t go, you can do your exercise at home.

My ultimate question that needs an answer is do we really need a gym to workout or do we just need a place where we can forget about everything else and focus on our exercise program? I have been to a lot of gyms in New York City. I have been in the large chain gyms, as well as several independent personal training gyms around New York City. What is interesting about going into to the personal training gyms, is seeing the lack of standard gym equipment offered for use. Rather the gym floor looks almost barren compared to a standard gym most of us are used to being members at. It littered with dumb bells, kettlebells, balls, bars, bands, ropes, and straps. Simple, small versatile equipment that doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet is very versatile.

What is also interesting about the personal training gyms is the results being achieved by those who utilize the facility. For the most part, everyone who exercises at the facility is with their personal trainer. Plus, even the personal trainers train their personal training colleagues. It is an intense, results driven atmosphere that may be short on standard gym equipment, but not short on knowledge on how to use the equipment provided.

So, knowing that it leads me to believe that we don’t necessarily need to belong to the gym. What I think it is that people really need the gym for, is that it is their fitness “fortress of solitude”. The same type of place that Superman heads off to, to find his inner strength and knowledge is exactly what we crave when it comes to gym time. People want a place where they can put away everything else, lace up their sneakers , turn on their ipods, and not be interrupted during their workout. So, the question becomes, can we build our own fitness fortress of solitude at home.

Without question, this can be done on the equipment end. Many items found at a typical personal training facility could be brought into the home. Very easily, you could go to your local sporting goods store and pick up various bands, a jump rope, a physio ball, a step, and more. All those items could slide right under your bed. The second part of this is a little bit harder. Trying to create the workout environment takes several steps. One, you have got to block out the time. Two you need to learn how to use the equipment in effective and varied ways, so as not to get bored. Finally, and most importantly, you need to eliminate distractions. Too be successful at doing that, you need to follow the second step closely. Using non-traditional gym equipment means learning non-traditional exercises. Have a Brooklyn personal trainer come to your home for some sessions. A series of five to ten sessions should be sufficient enough for you to learn several exercises and routines. Your personal trainer Brooklyn should also be able to help you scan the house for possible distractions and formulate ways to eliminate them from disturbing you. Thus, it can be done. You can create your fitness fortress of solitude with the right equipment, focus, and safeguards