Trust in Your NY Personal Trainer to Know Why to Move You

Few things can make more of a difference in your health than to get moving. NY personal trainers are well versed on the subject and ready to provide an educated answer why. For most busy New Yorkers, their activity comes in the form of exercise, whilst they sit most of the day at a desk or some other minimal movement activity. There are a myriad of factors that affect a person’s health,being a different combination for each one, but when you aren’t going you aren’t improving.

Starting with the basics, exercise burns calories. It’s the mantra calories in, calories out. Exercise helps in weight management. The body machine burns a minimum amount of calories, or fuel per day just for normal body functions. That is your basal metabolic rate, or BMR. If you lay in bed the entire day your bodily functions still need to keep working, like a car idling will still burn some gasoline. But, by hitting the gas, the car burns up fuel faster. This is similar to your body. Exercise uses additional calories. In addition to the benefit of building muscle mass and cardiovascular endurance, burning more calories than you take in, helps you to better manage your weight.

As above, staying active helps you be heart healthy. Your heart is a muscle. NYC personal trainers may not be able to directly target the heart with a machine or movement, but they are able to create a regimen and track your cardiovascular improvement with a heart rate monitor. By improving the heart with exercise, you are allowing your heart to perform more efficiently during normal activity or moderate exercise. Also, exercise improves blood flow, pressure, and cholesterol levels. Don’t forget to eat right, too.

In closing, don’t forget about is bone health. Muscles are a support system for the skeleton. The tendency is for younger people working with an personal trainer NYC not to care about this. However, the explosion of the senior fitness segment and the growing numbers working with personal trainers in New York City a keen awareness is apparent. Muscle mass is more difficult to maintain as we get older, therefore there is a strong case to begin this work at earlier ages when possible to stave off the risk of skeletal injuries in your senior years.



There is nothing wrong with going to the doctor.  But what if you could reduce
your doctor visits, your copay, and only see them when you were in need of your
annual physical?  After all, no one would complain about less doctor
visits.  However, it isn’t that simple.  You have to stay healthy.
In leading a healthy lifestyle, exercise is the strong common ingredient.
If you don’t know where to go, then hiring a personal trainer might
be the answer.   In New York City, you will find top doctors and New York
City personal training is no different.

Working with a personal trainer is a proactive approach to your health.  Exercise
overall is proactive.  Doctor visits are reactive. But to get the most
efficient and effective workout you need the advice of an expert.  When
you visit a doctor, you want them to prescribe the right medicine to knock out
what ails you as quickly as possible.  Expect the same from your New York
City personal trainer

Second, exercise promotes a healthier lifestyle.  A fitness trainer won’t
let you slack off.   They hold you accountable.  When you
workout, you have more energy.  Your body is more ready willing, and able
to get up and go.  When you are sick, the doctor just prescribes you
medicine and rest.  You are forced to lay in bed or sit on the couch
taking antibiotics to cure what ails you.


Finally, a New York City personal trainer interaction provides activity that leads to a better
outlook on life.  Morale is higher and your outward personality is more
engaging.  You want to get out and do things and be around people.
When you are sick, the prognosis is stay in bed, eat this, drink, that,
stay away from others, rest and you should feel better in a few days.
With more serious conditions,  the recovery could be even longer.
In short, when you are healthy and active you are at less risk for injury or
illness.  It’s up to you to give yourself the best odds at optimal health.  You will be happier that you did.



Regardless of whether you work in retail or personal training, there is always an element of sales. Many times making a sea is built on promises. If you make promises as a New York City personal trainer you have to be committed to fulfilling those promises. If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you don’t have the time, then don’t commit to something you can’t deliver on. Simple ideas such as these can be the difference between having a long term committed client versus someone who feels the experience is not meeting their expectations.

Above all else, arrive on time. Be there when you say you will be there. Show up can five minutes early whenever possible. Your clients are the ones who are struggling to get out of bed or rearranging their busy schedules to make sure they are on time for their personal training sessions. Their personal trainer should be ready and waiting for them. A motivated client does not want to hear a story about how your train was delayed and they certainly don’t want to hear that the line for coffee was ten people deep.

These days, many personal training clients are concerned with more than the 60 minute sessions with their personal trainer. They want a trainer who will keep them on point at other times, too. Some New York City personal trainers have a routine of sending daily reminder emails or text tips to their clients. If you set this expectation from the beginning, you need to be able to keep it going. If you become really successful you can consider having a service perform your daily messages. Daily messages can consist of nutrition tips, exercise tips, or ways to burn a few extra calories during a person’s daily routine, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Another part of keeping your clients on point, means being available so that they don’t make mistakes. If you are a New York City personal trainer who makes the promise to new clients that you will be “on call” to answer any questions or provide nutritional advice, then make sure you are checking your emails, texts, and messages during the hours you designate. Bottom line, be accessible when you say you will be. A client may need help with ordering off a menu or an appropriate running distance for their level. Sometimes you may need to send a client a simple reminder to ice an injury.



Everybody gets down once in a while.  We all know that few things can improve someone”s mood as much as the endorphins from exercise, but sometimes people need a push before they can get to that.  Just like a teacher gives positive reinforcement to a student or a parent to a child, personal trainers often need to provide a bit of positive reinforcement to their clients.  At the start of each session, it is a good practice to remind your client of something they did well in their last training session at the start of the current session.


First, in the case of a client who is feeling a bit lethargic or not as enthusiastic about exercising, a positive statement about their last session can be motivating.  A quick pick me up that reminds them of how they overcame an obstacle, had great form, or reached a strength goal.


Secondly, reminding a client about something from last week can refocus them and bring them back into the moment.  A great training moment reminder can send a jolt of adrenaline coursing through the client helping them to hone in on their Upper West Side personal trainer and hang on their every word.  They”ll be ready to get moving and break a sweat.


Finally, a flashback lets the client know that their Upper West Side personal trainer is paying attention to them.  A certain level of thoughtfulness creeps into the relationship.  This could even become a point of competition for the client, because they want to see which part of the workout will be brought up at a future session.


Everybody finds motivation in a different way.  For some people it is a song, for others it is a reward, and still for others it is simply achieving a goal.  Whatever it is
that motivates you, may you always find it, but everyone feels good when they receive a compliment from a peer.  Remember, before beginning any physical fitness program, be sure to consult your primary care physician.  It is necessary to get their approval and receive a clean “bill of health.”





For personal trainers, getting their clients to see results isn’t just about what happens during their 60 minute sessions. Many people who engage the services of trainers, are not always as committed as they need to be outside of the gym. Thus, it can be important for the trainer to offer some tips for the other 23 hours of the day. One of the more helpful ways a personal trainer can help is by also sharing their nutritional expertise. Many have done this through taking their clients on a grocery store tour. This grocery store tour is not only a great trip for the client trainer relationship, but is also a super marketing opportunity for the personal trainer.

First, at the grocery store, when speaking about nutritious food the trainer is in their element. Walking through the aisles talking about the benefits of different fruits, vegetable, nuts, meats, etc, In doing so, others who are meandering through the aisles trying to make informed choices will be able to overhear the conversation. Trainers are able to capture others into the conversation. Once others are following along, the fitness professional can begin to bring them into the conversation with eye contact and eventually directly addressing them. This creates an opportunity to exchange contact information with a potential new client.

During this walking tour, they are showing their new client what they can do away from your sessions to improve results. It is an opportunity to weave in how this can help outside of the gym, whether it is weight loss or muscle building or another goal. The body will react differently to different foods. Depending on what the clients’s goals are, the personal trainer will direct their client what foods to select and focus on as part of their diet.

Lastly, it always just about what you can teach your client, but also what a personal trainer can learn about their new client. Sometimes, a client may feel they are reaching information overload and begin to tune their trainer out. As a personal trainer, it is a good idea to walk all aisles, even ones that have nothing you would recommend. Walk down the snack aisles, listen for the groans and stories of the foods your client used to love or is going to miss.

The grocery store trip provides two types of personal trainer marketing. The first is external marketing to new clients. The second is internal marketing to your existing client, allowing you to extend and deepening the client trainer connection.



You see them on the morning news, afternoon talk shows, and the evening news programs offering their take on the latest buzz in the health and fitness industry.  Some of them are there to show you a gut-busting 3-minute abdominal workout, while others are there to provide insight on how the latest nutritional advice can effect exercise.  You will see them in the latest gossip magazine mentioned by an actress lost the baby weight in 8 weeks and looks amazing.  You see them credited by an actor who bulked up to play an action hero role.  Whatever the reason they have gotten on television, it is important to remember that these personal trainers put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else.  While a few of them may have a celebrity client, most trainers do not.  Therefore, not every trainer on tv is a trainer to the stars.  They got on television for reasons other than a famous client and they me also be located right in your neighborhood and ready to work with you.

Quite simply, they may be extremely good at what they do.  They are knowledgeable and come highly recommended.  Clients speak highly and often of them.  Health and fitness is a very popular and engaging atoledo subject for the media, so show producers are constantly looking for trainers and instructors to include in their segments.  In New York City, there are numerous media outlets from all areas of the trade; television, online, or print media.  When they look for talent, thereis no need to look further than their own backyard, as New York City is home to thousands of personal trainers.

Every NYC personal trainer brings something unique to a diverse lot with extremely different backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences.  These various skill sets come in all different combinations.  Perhaps one is a dancer who rehabilitated himself and became a personal trainer.  Another might be a former professional
athlete who now passes along his experience to others. There may also be others who are cancer survivors who inspire others with their story and training philosophy.  These are stories within stories, as people not only want to learn how to improve their own lifestyle, but they also want to feel a connection with the messenger. Search within your neighborhood for a NYC personal trainer and you will find that more than a few have had on air opportunities to share their
expertise on a particular area of health and fitness.  Remember, before beginning any exercise program, consult with your primary care physician.



When setting off on the road to finding a personal trainer, it is important to take an introspective look at yourself.  Decide what you want.  Figuring out what your fitness goals are is a big part of that.  Imagining what you want to look like at the end of the process is important, too.  However, while it is important to try to connect with a personal trainer who looks like they could be the role model who can help you reach those goals, it is more important not to let how the trainer looks be your deciding factor.

If you look at the profiles of fitness trainers available at your local gym or at pictures of trainers across the internet, it is easy to get caught up in trying to pick the one that has the great physique.  Sadly, though, the trainer who is posing with his shirt off and showing off the six pack abs is probably doing more to drive away potential clients rather than attract them.  Many people find those types of pictures intimidating.  An attitude or arrogance comes through, not the trainers skills and knowledge of physical fitness. While your goal may be to look more like that trainer in the picture than what your current physical state is, you don’t want to feel like you are going to be worked over right from the beginning.  You aren’t ready for that.

What most people are looking for when scouring a catalog of trainers is a picture that sends the message that the personal trainer Manhattan is a professional, personable, knowledgeable, personal trainer, who stays physically fit themselves, and is ready to help someone else achieve their goals.  This isn’t done with a smile-less expression and a shirtless pose.  Most people want to see a genuine, natural smile on the face of a personal trainer Manhattan who by way of some athletic clothing gives off the message mentioned above.

With all this talk about the importance of the picture, what you really should be looking at is what are the skills and experience that makes this person the right Manhattan personal trainer for you.  Here is where the introspection comes into play.  By already knowing what your goals are your limitations are, and your needs are, you can match that all up with what you are learning about the trainer.  If they can’t meet your needs, then it is time to move on.  If they do meet your needs and they look like someone who you want to work with, then it makes sense to reach out and have a conversation with them.  While the personal trainer’s picture may visually capture your goals, they may not be able to get you there.  Read the words behind the trainer.  They will tell you if the trainer is right for you.



There is a Story Behind Every Personal Trainer

by glenn on September 20, 2012

Nowadays when you catch a fitness segment on television or a video on the internet, you tend to find that the personal trainer is always a
chiseled, attractive physical specimen. While the old idea of a personal trainer was a hugely muscle bound man with doorway wide shoulders and tree trunk legs, the newer stereotype is one of a trainer who is lean and well defined. However, in the real world not every trainer is built to be on television.  In fact, some of the most inspired and passionate personal trainers may not look like fitness professionals at all. So, do your research when looking for the perfect personal trainer.  There is a story behind every one of them.

Some personal trainers NYC are just genetically gifted and personal training seemed like a natural fit for them, as they pursue a career in acting or modeling.  In New York City, this is not an uncommon situation.  They work with their clients around auditions or photo shoots.  For
themselves, the staying in shape comes easier than for most people.  As a personal trainer developing programs for clients, it is important to be able to show that they have the knowledge and expertise to create and effective plan to help their clients reach their fitness goals.

For others, becoming a personal trainer New York City was born out of a life changing event or achieving their own fitness goals, but
they may not look like the trainer you see on television.  For the person who is looking to drop 50 pounds, they may enjoy connecting with a person who became a trainer after their own weight loss achievement.  After almost every season of The Biggest Loser, one of the contestants becomes a trainer or group fitness instructor so they can inspire more people to take control of their health and feel as good as they do.  Though you may recognize them from the show, they do not look like the stereotypical personal trainer.  However, the knowledge and experience they have acquired through education and personal experience will resonate with a certain population of people.

The bottom line is that you will want to do your due diligence on candidates when seeking the services of a personal trainer New York City.  While you need to confirm that a personal trainer’s credentials are current, it can be just as important to know that your personal trainer will understand you, how you measure your success, and how to help you when you stumble.  The chemistry that exists between a client and their trainer can extend the bonds well beyond the one-hour session and help propel a person to their fitness goals.



Are you looking to get in shape, or maintain an optimal fitness level? If you live within the five boroughs of New York City you will find many avenues for fitness. Whether it is Yoga in Queens, personal training in Manhattan, Pilates in Brooklyn, boot camp in the Bronx or one of many other options you can find it in the Big Apple. New York City is home to one of the largest concentrations of fitness professionals in the United States. While a majority of them work in gyms, many of them are independent fitness professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit to strike out on their own to start a business.

I had a friend who once walked from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Coney Island. Along his 13 mile walk, he must have passed a number of fitness facilities. From a Brooklyn Yoga studio offering many exciting and interesting classes to an Upper East Side personal training gym providing one-on-one training to satisfy the beginner or the professional athlete. Every nook and cranny of New York City has mind/body studios, gyms, Crossfit workouts, dance studios and much more available for the fitness conscious person. Once you have decided what interests you, it is easier to begin to focus on which place will suit you best.

In Manhattan there are several places utilizing Russian Kettle bell training. Classes like these are approximately a half-hour long and designed to be an intense muscle workout through the use of these simple, but versatile weights. A form of exercise that is centuries old, is just now picking up steam again.

Queens yoga classes offered, some with Online casino US Pilates. Bikram Yoga in Rego Park and Astoria Queens offers the “Original Hot Yoga.” The classes are ninety minutes and are done in a room that is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat allows muscles to stretch more easily, therefore the muscles can be stretched further as in after you “Warm-Up” without actually going through the process.

Many of the Upper East Side Personal Trainers available have certifications from some of the top certification agencies such as the American College of Sports Medicine. You need only look at a short bio or profile of these trainers to see what they are about and their level of experience. What is unique about working with an Upper East Side personal trainer is that not only can they meet you at a gym, but apartment dwellers with a gym in their building can utilize personal training services there. The fact is that if you want to be fit, there is no shortage of ways to accomplish your goals in the five boroughs of New York City. Remember, before starting any physical fitness or nutritional program see your primary care physician for a consultation and check up.



Keep it Fresh With A Personal Trainer

by glenn on August 1, 2012

It is no surprise that many people across the New York City metropolitan area struggle with their weight and health. There are hundreds of opportunities to eat out at
restaurants and to make bad food choices during the day in the Big Apple.


While many local residents walk or ride their bikes to work, to run errands and more, many are still overweight and obese. However, many of these same individuals have attempted to lose weight and tone up over the years without success. If you are included in this group of individuals, you may be considering the benefits
associated with working with a personal trainer NY.


A NY personal trainer is most often Ruletin historia ulottuu 1600-luvulle ja se on kuulunut aina tarkeimpiin ja kiehtovimpiin kasinopeleihin . contracted to provide you with personal service. This may include the development of specific workouts, such as pilates NYC, as well as assistance with meal planning. Whether you enjoy pilates NYC, kickboxing, jogging or other activities, your personal trainer can assist you in developing an excellent training program that will interest you.


One of the reasons many people give up on their diet and exercise efforts is because exercising simply loses its fun appeal. It becomes a chore that they have to do rather than something they look forward to doing. With this in mind, you can see that the personal assistance and guidance of a professional personal trainer NYC can help you to achieve the best results. With a tailor-made exercise program specifically designed for you, you can indeed achieve the fitness results you
want to see.