Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Flexibility

by glenn on June 25, 2014

Your health should stand as more important than anything else in the world. This is the one thing you can never actually buy back and the one thing nobody can give it to you but yourself. This is the main fuel with which your body works and the main power for your daily life.

Exercising is health and the Romans knew it better when they said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Promoting mental and physical exercise was one of the most common things people nowadays know about them, but the truth is that we should certainly follow their example.

Working out and being healthy is not always about having a ripped body. In fact, many of the body builders out there may not be fully healthy because of the large amounts of protein shakes and even worse, steroid-based oils they take in daily.

Flexibility is one of the most important physical traits and although for some of the people it does not go far beyond the marvelous acrobats at the circus, the truth is that everybody needs flexibility. This is so because many of the diseases and medical condition that develop with the middle age are very frequently connected to flexibility. Arthritis is just one of them, in the end but the truth is that there are many more out there.

If you want to improve your flexibility, you should make sure to stretch daily. Even the most basic of stretches (such as bending forward to work the ham strings out for example) can be beneficial for you. If you want to take this more seriously though, you may want to call for the services of personal training New York or to go to a gym.

The first option may be better for you because this way you will know that you will not get hurt and that you are doing the exercises correctly. Even more, personal training New York City services will make sure that you do not fall out of your routine and that you will stick to it.  The second option can be good as well, as it provides you with many forms of stretching in New York, from Pilates to Yoga. However, if you do not like any of them completely and if you would just like to bring in your own exercises, then you will still have to hire for professional services to build a program for you.



Without any trace of doubt, exercising is one of the best things you can do for your body and for your mind as well. Many of the people out there look into working out only when they want to lose weight, but outside of that, there are many, many other benefits to exercising regularly.

For instance, it is a scientifically proven fact that people who work out regularly are happier and less stressed out. For someone living in the big New York City, this can come as a blissful thing. When you work out, your body releases hormones that make you happier. Furthermore, working out helps you relieve yourself from stress because it takes your mind of your daily duties and pushes you into focusing on doing your exercises well.

Even more, it is also a proven fact that people who work out are actually able to think clearer and to focus more on their work/studies as well. Basically when you work out, your body increases your blood flow – including the amount of blood that gets to the brain. Consequently, your brain will function better and you will be able to think better.

If you want to hire personal training NYC services, then you should know that a personal trainer can help you with almost any kind of purpose you may have for your workouts. Regardless of whether you are picking up an exercise program to lose weight, get healthier or improve a medical condition, there will always be specialized personal training NYC services for that.

Even more, a personal trainer can work with you at the gym, at your house or, if you want to, he/she will be able to work with you down in one of the New York parks as well. From the Brooklyn Bridge Park to the Central Park and to one of the cheerful Queens Parks, there are a lot of types of workouts that can be practiced there. Jogging, stretching, Yoga – these are just some of the types of workouts a personal trainer will be able to help you with in the city outdoors as well.

Working out with a personal trainer can ensure you that you are doing things the right way, that you will not injure yourself and that you will actually make huge improvements as time goes by. Even more, a personal trainer can help you motivate yourself to actually stick to your new lifestyle (even when it comes to your nutrition because a lot of personal trainers are also quite knowledgeable in this field as well).



Working out is definitely one of the best things you can do for your body, no matter in which state of fitness level you are at the moment. And regardless of whether you leave in the Big Apple or in a small American town, you know that there is actually a limitless number of possibilities when it comes to the types of workouts you can choose.

Of course, you may have learned already about the great benefits of exercising. Regardless of the type of exercising routine you may choose, the benefits will stay more or less the same: you will make your heart pump faster and work better (especially in the case of those cardio exercises such as jogging and swimming), you will get more oxygen to your brain and make it function better and you will literally improve the way each part of your body works. On top of that, your spirit and your mood will be elevated and you will feel much better with who you are, where you are and how you look – which is actually the key to success in everything you do.

Many of the people out there do not exactly know the difference between working out on their own and working out with one of the great NYC personal trainers out there. Essentially, the routines themselves are the same – except they are not the same when it comes to how you feel about them if you are a beginner. If you have just starter (or re-started) working out, it can be very easy to drop out quickly and that is precisely when the NYC personal trainers will come into the stage to help you out.

A personal trainer can actually mold your routine according to what you actually like doing and he/she can motivate you to stick to it. If you like the gym, your trainer can be there to show you what is best for you. If you like the outdoors, your trainer can teach you about all those amazing exercises you can practice in Central Park or even down the 5th Avenue. And if you like organized sports, your trainer can lead you into experiencing the various things you can have access to: from swimming to dancing. All in all, one of the NYC personal trainers can help you actually stick to your routine and do what is actually right for your needs instead of blindly following what other people do – and these things will make the entire difference in the world when it comes to the results you will get out of your hard work.



The Relevance of BMI

by glenn on April 20, 2014

Last week at a health fair I actually heard a personal trainer tell someone that they “actually don’t even pay attention to the body mass index, or BMI, number.” As if to say that no one should pay this any mind. It isn’t worth knowing. I almost interrupted the conversation to refute that point, but it was not going to impact the results of the conversation.

On many levels, I completely disagree with the trainer’s opinion. There is strong relevance to knowing your body mass index, as it is a ratio of your height to your weight. The average Joe or Jane needs to know this. This information is another page in the story of a person’s health history. You need to know this in the same manner as knowing your height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat, and a myriad of other biological measurements. These numbers collectively can clue a person into possible health risks they may face now or in the future. It is important to know everyone of them in order to determine a course of action if necessary. Perhaps a heavy dose of exercise is the right prescription. Possibly, some nutritional counseling is in order, as well, or medication in a serious scenario.bmi chart

In only one instance, do I agree with the trainer and that is for the athletic adult. Adults who exercise and have sizable muscle mass, need not concern themselves with their body mass index number. Since muscle weighs more than fat, a strong individual with a well built frame, will have a BMI over 25, or possibly even over 30, making them overweight or obese, in which case they are clearly not. Now the BMI is less relevant. However, one cannot make a blank statement for irrelevancy. For the average Jane or Joe, of normal frame and build, the body mass index calculator results reveal a great deal of information.




Staten Island personal trainers do more than just help you achieve your fitness goals; they can help you create a healthier style of living. Many people don’t realize that a personal trainer knows diet, nutrition and how to help people create healthy patterns of eating. All of that is essential to gaining fitness and health but is often overlooked. Just grabbing a hold of any diet or a popular diet isn’t going to help you get the results you want.

Just because it’s a diet doesn’t mean it’s going to help

Just because you adopt a diet doesn’t mean it is going to help with healthy weight management. The nutritional balances that the body needs change in response to the physical stresses you place yourself under. This is why having a personal trainer craft a nutrition program that meets the level of fitness training you are doing is important.

Make nutrition your core to get results

Staten Island personal trainers can make sure that on the days you need more energy, you have more carbs going in. On days when you are in recovery, they will rebalance your nutritional intake to make sure that you are getting what you need to keep your weight down and your fitness going. The common saying about fitness is that it starts in the kitchen. The more you know about what good nutrition is, and how to make it a part of your life – the easier it will be to reach your goals.



Every year the resolution band wagon comes around and people jump on, only to fall off before the first warm days of spring arrive. Working with New York City personal trainers may be your key to sticking to your resolution. While many people think that working with a personal trainer is something only for those with cash to spare or engaged in competition, it can be the single most important item on your budget to keep in place.

Setting goals and learning how to reach them

A personal trainer helps you to identify fitness goals and create programs for you to follow to make sure you reach them. This allows you to move into a better state of health and wellness without reaching burnout or becoming injured. It is also far easier to stay committed to your wellness goals when you have someone there with you to push and make sure you get through your workout each time.

Personal training is about more than the gym

Many New York City personal trainers also offer diet, nutrition and life coaching services. These are essential elements to living a healthier life and to only approach fitness by working the body is going to leave you far short of where you want to be. You should view your relationship with your trainer as that of a mentor and friend. Personal trainers know how to see all of you and to help formulate routines that go beyond the spinning cycle and into your life.



For those who share in getting fit for their New Year’s resolution, New York City personal trainers are there to ensure that you’re not breaking those resolutions before they have the chance to get started. A personal trainer is a dedicated individual who can help you meet all of your fitness goals, whether that is to lose weight, tone up or get healthier during the coming year.

A personal trainer is trained to help you with your weight loss goals, but the biggest benefit of having someone on your side is the extra motivation that they offer. Having someone there to encourage and support you can go a long way in the world of fitness, and these personal trainers sure know how to motivate you to continue on.

Choose from group classes with a personal trainer, or if you have reservations about working out in front of other people, choose a private or a semi-private class. There is certainly something for everyone who is serious about getting fit. You can even workout with a partner, friend or family member with the personal trainer classes, if this is something that you are interested in doing.

With the help of New York City personal trainers on your side there is little chance that you will fail at your fitness goals, and by the time the next year comes rolling around you will be able to see a brand new you looking back in the mirror. There is nothing quite like that feeling in this whole world.



If you have a desire to get a new body for the new year, it is important to hire Staten Island personal trainer and learn more about the post workout nutrition workout that can make or break your weight loss hopes and dreams. The post workout meal, or the first meal that you eat after you’ve worked out, is important because it is the ‘energy; phase of your workout. This is also commonly referred to as the Anabolic Phase.

This post workout meal helps your body do a number of things, including to help repair, replenish, recover and adapt your body to the strict training that you are putting it through as you are working out.

The purpose of this workout meal is to do the following:
*Replenish the muscle glycogen that is depleted when you workout
*Reduce the breakdown of muscle protein
*Increase the muscle protein synthesis in your body
*Reduce the levels of cortisone in your body
*Decrease muscle soreness and fatigue associated with working out

The post workout meal should contain plenty of carbs and proteins for it to be a success. This is the same thing that you need before a workout, so getting just what you need to fuel your after workout energy needs. The meal should be consumed quickly after the workout so you’re body is eager to receive the proteins and carbs it is given. Staten Island personal trainers understand the importance of the post workout meal and can help you learn more about its importance.



It is that time of year again. The rush of new gym members and salad eaters is.upon us. Every January, the majority of people who make a New Year’s resolution decide they want to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, and get stronger. In short, they want a better body. These changes are not easy and they are not quick. Hard work and dedication are the rules of the day. It is best to seek the advice of a pprofessional. In this case, the professional is a New York City personal trainer.

First, personal trainers are educated in the ways of health and fitness. They study the body and they study exercises to work the body. They learn the strategies to help their clients get results, from beginners to tri-athletes. They study sports nutrition and injury recovery. If you suffer from back pain, they want to develop a program to combat the pain.

Second, personal trainers NYC are motivators. They want to get you results. They get paid for taking a client from point A to point B. Not only are they there to keep your workouts fresh and original, but are there to offer words of encouragement, push through barriers, and to get that extra repetition or two put of you when you least expect it out of yourself. It is those extra few repetitions each session that surprise a person of their own strengths and get the results they desire. Just when you don’t think you can, you actually can.

Finally, personal trainers NYC are there to hold you accountable to yourself. This may seem a minor bullet point, but it is not. At a minimum, some people need a trainer to make sure they actually go to the gym. They don’t accept excuses. They don’t allow a last minute work assignment to take the place of a workout. The schedule is made in advance and is followed or you may feel the trainer’s wrath in the next session. You have goals, and when you seem to be exhibiting behavior counter to those goals, your personal trainer will keep you on track.

That said,you have to make the choice of who is the right trainer for you. We are not here to debate quality, you have to make a choice. Some are mire stuns to what you need than others. Do some research before making a selection. New Year’s or not, getting fit is a good idea anytime.



Making the changes is about little steps

by glenn on December 21, 2013

Today, I avoided the chocolate chip muffins at school drop off. A small victory. Now, if I feel I need a mid-morning snack I have the chance to make a better choice.

Not that there is anything wrong with the chocolate chip muffin once in a while, but since thanksgiving, there have been too many muffin moments. There have been many times where I have enjoyed s muffin in the morning with my daughter. We laugh and smile and it is well worth the calories. But sometimes, you have to put the brakes on. Know when to say when. Now I sound like public service announcement. My daughter and I still had fun this morning sans the muffin.

This holiday season, enjoy your own chocolate chip muffins. Just pick your spots. Know that every time it isn’t a must have time. Enjoy them at the right times and don’t feel guilty about it.


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