Frustrated with Weight Loss Efforts on Your Own? Maybe It’s Time to Contact a Personal Trainer


Finding the right exercise routine for yourself can be a challenge. Running can be relaxing and do great things for weight loss, but it is hard on your knees and ankles. Swimming can be a good choice, but some people aren’t comfortable being seen in a bathing suit or do not have free time when a community pool has open swim times. Others prefer joining classes and burning off calories to music.


However, for those who are less capable of complex moves and keeping up with the fast pace of a class, this can be a big frustration. People who attempt to lose weight by completing an exercise routine that doesn’t fit their needs or comfort level tend to give up that much quicker.


If this sounds like you, then maybe a Staten Island personal trainer can help you make the necessary changes now, before you give up and go back to sitting on your couch every night after work.

Staten Island personal trainers understand that your exercise routine has to be right for you. It can’t be too strenuous if you are just starting out. It can’t be something that focuses on exercise that makes you feel embarrassed or inadequate. It can’t be too social if you are an introvert by nature.


Working with someone who makes a life out of Staten Island personal training will help you get into the right routine for you. An experienced personal trainer can be the right person for your guidance and direction. They can make sure you stick to what you are doing, or they can help you change the routine if something isn’t working out for you.


Weight loss is something that is good for the mind as well as the body. You can be confident you will live longer and be happier if you start the process of losing weight now. It is never too early or too late to focus on your health. Working with a professional can truly make the difference and have you well on your way to success in no time.



Change Your Weight With the Help of Those With Experience

Weight loss can be challenging for anyone. If you decided that during the new year, you want to work on a new you, now is a great time to start.

Diets and exercise are both equally important when it comes to losing weight. If you are struggling with the exercise plan, then finding a great personal trainer to set you up with a plan you can follow and stick to is the best path to take.

A NYC personal trainer can help you figure out what type of exercises will work for you, anything that might cause injury or be above your fitness level. They can direct you to classes you might enjoy and help you add variety to your workout routine. That way, you can have fun and lose weight at the same time. You can decide if you want to add a social element to your workout routine and take classes, or if you want to do a routine that focuses on solo exercise elements. For NYC personal trainers, the knowledge and experience they already possess can make a big difference to your likelihood of losing the weight you aim to lose.

NYC personal training is a competitive business niche. There are many different trainers, each with different levels of experience, different specialties and different preferences when it comes to methods of training and ways to succeed.

It is up to you to ask questions and determine if you want to work with a certain trainer. Their rates, their typical workout locations and other factors can make a big difference in who you choose as well. Keep this in mind when you are reaching out to potential trainers.

You don’t have to work with the first trainer you get on the phone who says they are taking new clients. Find the trainer that will really care about your goals and have ways in mind to help you reach them. Your weight loss is a challenge to overcome, just like completing a marathon would be. Make sure your trainer is as invested in your goals as in those of any other client.



Getting in Shape on a Limited Budget

by glenn on December 14, 2016

I was recently asked for two ideas on how to get in shape on a limited budget. While there are many, I have posted two ideas below. One has to do with nutrition and the other exercise. I don’t think you can eat poorly and get in optimal health and vice versa. When starting out, working with a personal trainer or nutritionist would be best, that is not always in the budget.
1. Buy your foods from the outer aisles of the grocery store. These areas are usually stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy. Items you can use to cook beautiful healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The middle aisles of grocery stores are filled, for the most part, with goods that are processed and loaded with preservatives or other less desirable ingredients you could do without.

Why is this an idea?
Everyone needs to eat. Spend a little more and get better quality, more nutrient dense food. You’ll feel better and have more energy.

2. Search YouTube for exercise videos.  Search for the type of exercise you are looking for. Either you can watch a short cardio workout or some weight training demonstrations.

Why is this an idea?

Lots of successful trainers, including many NYC personal trainers, have taken to YouTube to promote their brands. You can find lots of videos to follow along with from some of the best trainers around the globe. You don’t have to buy anything from them. However, if you get hooked on a specific trainer’s program, you may want to.

How you can sort through YouTube videos to find the good ones? There are A LOT of videos that could cause injuries!!

There is no short answer here. It can take a little bit of work. Looking for bargain fitness options can sometimes feel like shopping for clothing at a TJ Maxx or an name brand outlet store. You may have to spend some time sorting through the racks to find the right clothes for you. But once you find it, you look forward to wearing it every time. Or in this case, you look forward to the next workout.

You could try obvious search terms such as “top biceps workouts” “top 10-minute Zumba” “Celebrity personal trainer workout”. After that, I would look at number of views, channel name, number of subscribers, etc. Several reputable companies provide lots of free exercise videos.

A few years back I had trainers from participate in a series of HowCast plyometric workout videos and foam roller workout videos.

It takes a little work, no doubt, but,once you find some people to follow, you’ll get a better sense of what you want and what you can do.

I think it is important to emphasize, injuries can happen at anytime. Even with the “safest” workouts or “gems”. This is a risk. People need to know their limits and get medical clearance before starting a new exercise program.



Dumbbell Workouts: All You Need

by glenn on September 19, 2016

Shipwrecked with Dumbbells?  Perfect

The inferred meaning of perfect is all in how you say it.  If you were shipwrecked and only found a set of dumbbells as your useful equipment You may sarcastically say perfect.  But if shipwrecked and you like to workout, but the only thing you had with you were dumbbells, plus some life essentials, you would enthusiastically say perfect.


volleyball-2Both are correct.  If shipwrecked, you will need more than dumbbells to survive.  But strictly for exercise, they are a great option.  Few, if any things, are better.  Hey, Tom Hanks survived thanks for a volleyball in Castaway.


For the past 5 weeks, I have used nothing but dumbbells for my strength training workouts.  For the previous 30 years, I was a member, or employee, of some of the best gyms in the country.  Not the fanciest, but the best.  Until last month.  When faced when an equipment buying decision, I chose a 5-50lb set of hex dumbbells. Yup, I found someone trying to get rid of them and got a good price.


I have been a NESTA certified personal trainer for the past 5 years.  That knowledge goes a long way to knowing my way around the gym.  It was good to be faced with this new challenge.  How to get a complete workout with limited equipment.  I can honestly tell you, that dumbbells remove limitations in most cases.


My experience tells me that most people think of using dumbbells first for biceps and chest workouts.  I call that the pre-Friday night workout. Sure, you’ve got a variety of curling options and techniques for biceps and incline, decline, and flat press for chest.  But their usage varies greatly from just that.


It’s important to not continue to do the same workout over and over. It gets stale and boring.  I have often said to people, if you are bored with your workout, your muscles are, too.  With my chest workout I added in some neutral grip presses.  It’s a new movement for me, so I scaled back the weight.  I also felt a little more pressure on my shoulders, so going lighter was a good move.  Mix in some dumbbell flies and I have 9 exercises to rotate in and out of my chest days.  Since I only do three or four in a session, there are a lot of combinations.


For biceps, simply standing or sitting can make a difference in the way you work your biceps.  You can also vary your grip, forward facing, outward facing, or anatomical neutral.  I almost think there too many variations of biceps curl to write down at this time.  The one that I will highlight here though is my time saving superset.  When I only have a few minutes for biceps, I start with the 40 lb. dumbbells and do ten reps with each down to the 5 pounders.  A quick burn.


I have really rediscovered some great dumbbell movements and I think my muscles are thanking me.   If you find this helpful, let me know.  If you want to have a personal trainer help you design some great dumbbell workout, find a personal trainer in your neighborhood through the NeighborhoodTrainer community.





muscle burns 75-100 calories per dayWith the recent controversy surrounding the weight loss and gain of past Biggest Loser contestants, I think it is a good moment to talk a little bit about Basal Metabolic Rate and what it means for each normal individuals.

I have had similar conversation with many people over the years, who fall into more normal weight categories and would not qualify as a Biggest Loser contestant.  The best way to talk about Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR, is to liken it to an idling car.  When a car is idling it will burn a minimal amount of fuel just to keep the engine running.  If you put the car in drive and want to pick up speed, you will infect more fuel into the engine to reach those speeds.  During those times you will burn more fuel.

Similarly, with your body, if you decide you want to binge watch your favorite program and do not get out of bed all day you will burn a minimal amount of calories during that time.  Your body’s BMR is the minimal amount of calories burned to “keep the lights on.”  This keeps your organs functioning, your muscles fueled, and pushes nutrients to the places that need it.  If/when you start moving, your calorie burn will increase over and above your BMR.

As an added layer of this example, if you add more muscle to your body, you will burn more calories.  In the same fashion a car with a V-8 engine burns more fuel than a V-6.  Each pound of muscle burns 75-100 calories per day.  This is one reason why it is important to increase muscle mass.  It may sound counter intuitive, but to lose weight, it makes sense to gain muscle.  This is where working with an Upper East Side personal trainer can help.

Even if you were to stay the same weight, you would improve your body composition and figure, which is really what people want.  Personal trainers are the professionals people turn to for help in finding the balance to achieve these goals.  It’s what they do.  When you find the right personal trainer for your needs, goals can be realized.

For the majority of people, one cannot compare themselves to a contestant on The Biggest Loser.  Their bodies changed so dramatically physiologically, even the doctor’s weren’t prepared.  They had starved their bodies so much comparatively and their BMR adjusted to the lower calorie intake, as it should, but never increased as they began to gain weight again.  Had this been muscle weight instead of fat this may be a different.  At the end of the day, whether it be a car or your body, more muscle will burn more fuel.



100114 introductory sessionWhen you first get the call into your Staten Island Personal Trainers business from a new client wanting to know about cost and times – it’s easy to get carried away. There is the excitement of helping someone improve the quality of their life, and the added bonus of knowing that cash flow is starting to look healthy. Unfortunately, it is trainers who don’t understand what clients need before giving prices that wind up losing their shirts. You have to be careful to make sure you understand what is involved with each client as much as the client has to understand what is involved with working with each type of trainer.

Be careful about offering specials

Marketing and reality have a hard time meeting and personal trainers in Staten Island are always being encouraged to offer specials. You have to be very careful about defining what those specials are for, or you may wind up with a client that needs requires a lot of your time and effort – while you get a bottom barrel price. Specials should be reserved for group classes and very defined limits. If you want to offer a special for one-on-one work, your better bet is to offer a piece of free equipment or branded promotional item instead.

Make sure you understand the work involved

To make sure you understand what clients need before giving prices you have to make sure that you:

  • Know what the client is looking for and their goals.
  • Evaluate your ability to work with that client.

A lot of Staten Island personal trainers wind up frustrating themselves and their clients because they don’t have a clear idea of what the client is looking for. You may be all about cross fit, but your client may want to cross walk. You also need to be realistic about whether or not you think you can motivate that client to reach above and beyond to build the kind of committed relationship you need to make it work.

What to do if you have priced the client wrong

You will find many a Staten Island personal trainer who realize later that they didn’t understand what clients need before giving prices, and now have to find out how to readjust things. The best way to handle this is to be proactive and set revolving time frames of 3 and 6 month reviews where you can adjust the price and the goals for that client.



Weight loss can be a topic that is very much debated upon out there. Every year, new diets take over the world and everybody seems to be going crazy about them without even analyzing them in depth to see if they can work for them and their needs or if they are truly healthy. For the average dieter out there, the split opinions on how weight loss should actually happen can be more than just confusing.

If you are among those who try to lose weight but cannot make sense of all the advice given out there and if you live in the Big Apple, then you will most likely want to consider calling for the services of a New York City nutritionist. There is a very large number of them out there in the city and one of them will definitely suit your needs.

One mistake a lot of people do is not going to the nutritionist because they believe that it will not actually help. They buy self-help books and spend tons of money on products that are not nearly as helpful as the personalized service a New York City nutritionist can offer them with. Having someone to listen to your weight loss-related issues and someone to understand very clearly what it is that should be done is extremely important. Even more, the diet built by a nutritionist will definitely work better for you precisely because it is built according to your current lifestyle and according to the things you like and don’t like about diets.

Another big mistake people make when it comes to choosing a New York City nutritionist is related to the fact that they don’t believe they actually have the budget to do it. The truth is that this is your health at stake and that you should definitely consider investing in it. Even more than that though, the services of a nutritionist will most likely be much less expensive than you expect them to be (especially considering the benefits).

From Brooklyn to Queens and from Manhattan to the Bronx, there are many nutritionists providing their services to people who need them. One of them will most definitely be suitable for your budget and he/she will definitely be able to find a long-term solution for your weight loss goals without putting your health in danger.



Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Flexibility

by glenn on June 25, 2014

Your health should stand as more important than anything else in the world. This is the one thing you can never actually buy back and the one thing nobody can give it to you but yourself. This is the main fuel with which your body works and the main power for your daily life.

Exercising is health and the Romans knew it better when they said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Promoting mental and physical exercise was one of the most common things people nowadays know about them, but the truth is that we should certainly follow their example.

Working out and being healthy is not always about having a ripped body. In fact, many of the body builders out there may not be fully healthy because of the large amounts of protein shakes and even worse, steroid-based oils they take in daily.

Flexibility is one of the most important physical traits and although for some of the people it does not go far beyond the marvelous acrobats at the circus, the truth is that everybody needs flexibility. This is so because many of the diseases and medical condition that develop with the middle age are very frequently connected to flexibility. Arthritis is just one of them, in the end but the truth is that there are many more out there.

If you want to improve your flexibility, you should make sure to stretch daily. Even the most basic of stretches (such as bending forward to work the ham strings out for example) can be beneficial for you. If you want to take this more seriously though, you may want to call for the services of personal training New York or to go to a gym.

The first option may be better for you because this way you will know that you will not get hurt and that you are doing the exercises correctly. Even more, personal training New York City services will make sure that you do not fall out of your routine and that you will stick to it.  The second option can be good as well, as it provides you with many forms of stretching in New York, from Pilates to Yoga. However, if you do not like any of them completely and if you would just like to bring in your own exercises, then you will still have to hire for professional services to build a program for you.



Without any trace of doubt, exercising is one of the best things you can do for your body and for your mind as well. Many of the people out there look into working out only when they want to lose weight, but outside of that, there are many, many other benefits to exercising regularly.

For instance, it is a scientifically proven fact that people who work out regularly are happier and less stressed out. For someone living in the big New York City, this can come as a blissful thing. When you work out, your body releases hormones that make you happier. Furthermore, working out helps you relieve yourself from stress because it takes your mind of your daily duties and pushes you into focusing on doing your exercises well.

Even more, it is also a proven fact that people who work out are actually able to think clearer and to focus more on their work/studies as well. Basically when you work out, your body increases your blood flow – including the amount of blood that gets to the brain. Consequently, your brain will function better and you will be able to think better.

If you want to hire personal training NYC services, then you should know that a personal trainer can help you with almost any kind of purpose you may have for your workouts. Regardless of whether you are picking up an exercise program to lose weight, get healthier or improve a medical condition, there will always be specialized personal training NYC services for that.

Even more, a personal trainer can work with you at the gym, at your house or, if you want to, he/she will be able to work with you down in one of the New York parks as well. From the Brooklyn Bridge Park to the Central Park and to one of the cheerful Queens Parks, there are a lot of types of workouts that can be practiced there. Jogging, stretching, Yoga – these are just some of the types of workouts a personal trainer will be able to help you with in the city outdoors as well.

Working out with a personal trainer can ensure you that you are doing things the right way, that you will not injure yourself and that you will actually make huge improvements as time goes by. Even more, a personal trainer can help you motivate yourself to actually stick to your new lifestyle (even when it comes to your nutrition because a lot of personal trainers are also quite knowledgeable in this field as well).



Working out is definitely one of the best things you can do for your body, no matter in which state of fitness level you are at the moment. And regardless of whether you leave in the Big Apple or in a small American town, you know that there is actually a limitless number of possibilities when it comes to the types of workouts you can choose.

Of course, you may have learned already about the great benefits of exercising. Regardless of the type of exercising routine you may choose, the benefits will stay more or less the same: you will make your heart pump faster and work better (especially in the case of those cardio exercises such as jogging and swimming), you will get more oxygen to your brain and make it function better and you will literally improve the way each part of your body works. On top of that, your spirit and your mood will be elevated and you will feel much better with who you are, where you are and how you look – which is actually the key to success in everything you do.

Many of the people out there do not exactly know the difference between working out on their own and working out with one of the great NYC personal trainers out there. Essentially, the routines themselves are the same – except they are not the same when it comes to how you feel about them if you are a beginner. If you have just starter (or re-started) working out, it can be very easy to drop out quickly and that is precisely when the NYC personal trainers will come into the stage to help you out.

A personal trainer can actually mold your routine according to what you actually like doing and he/she can motivate you to stick to it. If you like the gym, your trainer can be there to show you what is best for you. If you like the outdoors, your trainer can teach you about all those amazing exercises you can practice in Central Park or even down the 5th Avenue. And if you like organized sports, your trainer can lead you into experiencing the various things you can have access to: from swimming to dancing. All in all, one of the NYC personal trainers can help you actually stick to your routine and do what is actually right for your needs instead of blindly following what other people do – and these things will make the entire difference in the world when it comes to the results you will get out of your hard work.