Motivate With Personal Training

by glenn on November 4, 2017

Lacking Motivation? Visit with a Personal Trainer

When asked about the reasons that led to them not accomplishing their weight loss or training goals, most people have similar responses. It is either a lack of time, motivation or accountability that results in people slipping back into their old habits. That is what must be avoided. And the best way to stay on task and motivated is when there is someone else holding you accountable.

Why Hire a Trainer?

Many people assume that hiring someone to help them train is a waste of money. “If I can do it on my own, why do I need someone to tell me what to do?” Most people cannot manage to maintain a training schedule for more than a few weeks – if they are lucky. Going to the gym and working out two or three times is not a challenge. Doing it every few days is what everyone finds difficult.

But if someone is working out with a Midtown West personal trainer, it means they have help. Whenever they are feeling unmotivated, they will get a call from their trainer demanding they come to the gym. If they are feeling down or lethargic, the trainer may suggest moving the session outside so it is more engaging and enjoyable.

Accomplish Goals with a Trainer’s Help

Manhattan Personal training is not just about learning how to exercise. While beginners need that guidance, even intermediate and advanced clients can do with a trainer’s help. With a training session every few days, these individuals will find it a lot easier to stay on task and come to the gym. They will know their trainer is waiting for them – so they cannot take a day off whenever they want.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding about what is needed to successfully accomplish workout or weight loss goals. People think it is all about motivation and finding that inspiration each day. But, it is impossible to remain motivated each day – our moods change, which is why discipline is the key to long term workout success. Midtown West Personal trainers ensure that discipline is always intact. Even when a client is adamant about taking a day off, a trainer has the knowledge and skill to persuade them come in to complete a session.



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