Making the changes is about little steps

by glenn on December 21, 2013

Today, I avoided the chocolate chip muffins at school drop off. A small victory. Now, if I feel I need a mid-morning snack I have the chance to make a better choice.

Not that there is anything wrong with the chocolate chip muffin once in a while, but since thanksgiving, there have been too many muffin moments. There have been many times where I have enjoyed s muffin in the morning with my daughter. We laugh and smile and it is well worth the calories. But sometimes, you have to put the brakes on. Know when to say when. Now I sound like public service announcement. My daughter and I still had fun this morning sans the muffin.

This holiday season, enjoy your own chocolate chip muffins. Just pick your spots. Know that every time it isn’t a must have time. Enjoy them at the right times and don’t feel guilty about it.


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