Learn Weight Control With Your NYC Personal Trainer

by glenn on November 17, 2013

First, it is important to select the proper weight. You don’t need to pick up a weight that is too heavy. Nor do you want to reach for something too light, which people tend to do when they might feel tired or less than focused on the workout at hand. I once heard a personal trainer telling his client something that resonates with me to this day. Your muscles have no idea what number is printed on the outside of the weight. That made total sense. Don’t let that influence your weight selection. Selecting a weight that is too heavy can lead to an injury or bad form. Selecting a weight that is too low leaves your muscles unstimulated and can also lead to bad form resulting in poor results.

The other part of learning weight control is breathing. You’ve got to coordinate your breathing with the motion of the weight. breathe out on the contraction. Breathe in on the way back to the starting point. for example, on a bicep curl, you breathe out as you bring the weight up toward your shoulders. During a chest press, you want to breathe out as you push the bar up.

Put these two pieces in order and you are that much closer to controlling the weight during an exercise. Bottom line, do not swing the weight during repetitions. Swinging the weight means a loss of control of an object that can do a lot of physical damage to you and the area around you if you were to drop it accidentally. Few things, such as the kettle bells, are meant to be swung. In a perfect motion, there would be an equal amount of stress on the muscle during an exercise. You also want to avoid any herky jerky motions at the peak of a repetition. These are key points where injuries can occur. A personal trainer NYC is the type of professional who can help you perfect your form. Just like an accountant is there during tax time to help you properly fill out your tax forms, New York City personal trainers are there to help you to use proper form during sessions and beyond.


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