It's September

by glenn on August 27, 2010

By Chuck Rowland, Personal Trainer

This is traditionally one of the three biggest fitness months of the year. January and May are the others. By the end of this month, all summer vacations will have wrapped up, kids will be back in school and everyone will be back on schedule. And after participating in your fair share of summer BBQ’s, many of you will discover yourselves to be a little, let’s say, softer.

A word of caution. Don’t react to the added pounds. Respond. Stop and think. You probably took much of the summer off –  even spring, as well. It took you approximately five months to get where you are. Don’t think you’re going to drop into the Norskespill er et av de casinoene med flest mobilspill og har 58 fantastiske spill tilgjengelig til mobilen din. gym, sling some iron for 2 weeks, or do a couple of loops in Central Park and voila! – Heidi Klum or Mario Lopez. Nah, not gonna happen. Start by eating sensibly again. Consult a personal trainer NYC. Begin your training routine in a moderate fashion and progress judiciously. Make sure it includes, at minimum, resistance, cardio and flexibility. Yes, it’s September. Welcome back to reality.

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