Is The Gym Your Fortress of Solitude?

by glenn on May 4, 2012

It is undeniable, the majority of people who exercise go to a gym. But on the days they don’t go to the gym, they do not workout. For most it is an either/or scenario. Either I go to the gym and workout or I don’t go and do nothing. My question is why can’t you have both? Give yourself the option to exercise at the gym and also on days you don’t go, you can do your exercise at home.

My ultimate question that needs an answer is do we really need a gym to workout or do we just need a place where we can forget about everything else and focus on our exercise program? I have been to a lot of gyms in New York City. I have been in the large chain gyms, as well as several independent personal training gyms around New York City. What is interesting about going into to the personal training gyms, is seeing the lack of standard gym equipment offered for use. Rather the gym floor looks almost barren compared to a standard gym most of us are used to being members at. It littered with dumb bells, kettlebells, balls, bars, bands, ropes, and straps. Simple, small versatile equipment that doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet is very versatile.

What is also interesting about the personal training gyms is the results being achieved by those who utilize the facility. For the most part, everyone who exercises at the facility is with their personal trainer. Plus, even the personal trainers train their personal training colleagues. It is an intense, results driven atmosphere that may be short on standard gym equipment, but not short on knowledge on how to use the equipment provided.

So, knowing that it leads me to believe that we don’t necessarily need to belong to the gym. What I think it is that people really need the gym for, is that it is their fitness “fortress of solitude”. The same type of place that Superman heads off to, to find his inner strength and knowledge is exactly what we crave when it comes to gym time. People want a place where they can put away everything else, lace up their sneakers , turn on their ipods, and not be interrupted during their workout. So, the question becomes, can we build our own fitness fortress of solitude at home.

Without question, this can be done on the equipment end. Many items found at a typical personal training facility could be brought into the home. Very easily, you could go to your local sporting goods store and pick up various bands, a jump rope, a physio ball, a step, and more. All those items could slide right under your bed. The second part of this is a little bit harder. Trying to create the workout environment takes several steps. One, you have got to block out the time. Two you need to learn how to use the equipment in effective and varied ways, so as not to get bored. Finally, and most importantly, you need to eliminate distractions. Too be successful at doing that, you need to follow the second step closely. Using non-traditional gym equipment means learning non-traditional exercises. Have a Brooklyn personal trainer come to your home for some sessions. A series of five to ten sessions should be sufficient enough for you to learn several exercises and routines. Your personal trainer Brooklyn should also be able to help you scan the house for possible distractions and formulate ways to eliminate them from disturbing you. Thus, it can be done. You can create your fitness fortress of solitude with the right equipment, focus, and safeguards


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