I Might Lose My Job, But I Don’t Want to Lose My Personal Trainer

by glenn on August 20, 2011

Money is tight and when that happens, tough decisions have to be made.  Inevitably, some people look at their gym memberships or personal training sessions as a quick way to wade through the economic doldrums gripping our society.  Farcically, people tell themselves they can do it at home on their own.  The real results are that the workout ceases and a less active lifestyle ensues.   Stop the cycle of lying to yourself before it can start.  Exercise reduces stress and few things are more stressful than job insecurity.  Therefore, there is a greater need to find a fitness outlet than some kind of extravagant pampering expense.  Realize at all angles that if cutting expenses is necessary, that you can survive some fitness cuts, but will find an equivalent amount from other sources to equal what you need to reduce.


Stretch your sessions out over a longer period of time.  If you train once a week, move to once every other week Train on your own more and ask your trainer to provide you with a plan for the other days.  If you are up front about your situation and have a nice relationship with you personal trainer, then this should not be an issue at all.  They know when your situation improves that you will pick up your other sessions again.


Negotiate a lower rate for a less desirable time.  There are always hours in the day that personal trainers have trouble filling.  But if you have some flexibility and want to work something out that helps both you and your trainer, then this may be a great alternative.  If you are hurting, your personal trainer will undoubtedly be feeling it from other clients. Get ahead of the curve.



Look for group fitness opportunities. Small group training, boot camps, cycling groups, deal sites are all geared towards the budget conscious who want to stay involved with some level of personal training.  There are a few different options here.  Small group training, often referred to as semi-private training can help someone maintain a program that goes more at their pace.  Boot camps and other group fitness classes still can give you direction and a program to follow, but you will lose much of the personal attention.  Finally, be wary of the crazy deals promoted by some websites out there today.  While the price may speak of great value, you may be overwhelmed by a class that is overcrowded and understaffed.


These are just a few alternatives to seek when trying to reduce the expense of working with a personal trainer NYC.  There are inevitably other options you may consider for your own situations.   What is important is to assess the financial need and decide if giving up your NYC personal trainer all together is the best course of action to save money.  Because when you give up fitness, you may up end up creating new expenses associated with health problems.



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