A Personal Trainer Client Grocery Store Trip Super Marketing

by glenn on May 19, 2013

For personal trainers, getting their clients to see results isn’t just about what happens during their 60 minute sessions. Many people who engage the services of trainers, are not always as committed as they need to be outside of the gym. Thus, it can be important for the trainer to offer some tips for the other 23 hours of the day. One of the more helpful ways a personal trainer can help is by also sharing their nutritional expertise. Many have done this through taking their clients on a grocery store tour. This grocery store tour is not only a great trip for the client trainer relationship, but is also a super marketing opportunity for the personal trainer.

First, at the grocery store, when speaking about nutritious food the trainer is in their element. Walking through the aisles talking about the benefits of different fruits, vegetable, nuts, meats, etc, In doing so, others who are meandering through the aisles trying to make informed choices will be able to overhear the conversation. Trainers are able to capture others into the conversation. Once others are following along, the fitness professional can begin to bring them into the conversation with eye contact and eventually directly addressing them. This creates an opportunity to exchange contact information with a potential new client.

During this walking tour, they are showing their new client what they can do away from your sessions to improve results. It is an opportunity to weave in how this can help outside of the gym, whether it is weight loss or muscle building or another goal. The body will react differently to different foods. Depending on what the clients’s goals are, the personal trainer will direct their client what foods to select and focus on as part of their diet.

Lastly, it always just about what you can teach your client, but also what a personal trainer can learn about their new client. Sometimes, a client may feel they are reaching information overload and begin to tune their trainer out. As a personal trainer, it is a good idea to walk all aisles, even ones that have nothing you would recommend. Walk down the snack aisles, listen for the groans and stories of the foods your client used to love or is going to miss.

The grocery store trip provides two types of personal trainer marketing. The first is external marketing to new clients. The second is internal marketing to your existing client, allowing you to extend and deepening the client trainer connection.


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